Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend!

We had a VERY busy, but FUN long weekend at the Woodruff house. It started with the sox game described in the blog below. Then Sunday morning Matt got up and took off to go 4-wheeling with Rick and Jocelyn. My mom, the kids and I hung around the house and then after lunch I brought my mom and Carolanne home and the kids and I headed up to the Pit were Matt was riding. The kids were so excited to get to take turns on Daddy's 4-wheeler! Even Aiden got Collin going for a ride with Daddy Kylie with her Uncle Rick Aiden loved his ride with Daddy

After everyone was done we followed Rick and Jocelyn back to their house were they were kind enough to have us over for a BBQ! The kids had a great time playing with their dog Hannah, and just running around in their back yard! After we were all done eating and cleaning up the guys built a fire in their fire pit..and we sat around and roasted marshmallows and made s'mores! Jocelyn enjoying a Appletini

Collin, Rick, Matt and Kylie roast marshmallows

Mmmmm Smores

Aiden and Mommy snuggling
We didn't get home till after 9 which is way past the kids bed time..they were so filthy from playing outside that they had to take a bath. You should have seen our tub. Ewwwe.

Sunday we ran a few errands, then came home and had a BBQ at our house. Rick and Jocelyn came by as did Matt (McNally). Beth had other plans so she couldn't make it..we missed her! Since Collin plays T-ball he got to walk in the towns Memorial Day parade.

Walking in the Parade

He was all excited. How ever NO one from T-ball showed up. So he walked half of the parade route and decided to turn around and watch the rest of the parade and collect candy.
looking for candy Found some

We spent the day with good friends, just talking and laughing and eating while the kids played out side.
Matt the grill Master! Rick and Jocelyn Matt (McNally)..We missed Beth!

Here are some of my favortie pics from this weekend. Enjoy!

I love this pic! A boy and his dad!

Kylie and her Uncle Rick have such a special relationship


  1. Sounds like you had a great time. Love all the pictures!

  2. Love them all Kerri. Ya'll are such a neat and involved family. I hope we get to hang out one day!!!