Tuesday, May 12, 2009

T-ball, and chalk fun

Swing batter, batter! So Collin started playing T-ball a few weeks ago..and although some times he grumbles about having to go he always ends up loving it, and having a great time. For those of you whom have never been to a T-ball game. It has to be one of the funniest things I've ever seen. First off you've got the kids in the out-field that just don't feel like being there story over and out. So they are picking dandilions, or digging in the dirt, watching the ball fly by them. Then there are the kids that are up at bat, hit the ball and instead of running to first base, the decide that they would rather run over to third base. Oh and my all time favorite is when a kid hits the ball and everyone including the kid that hit the ball and those already on bases run after the ball. LOL! Collin has been guilty of almost all of those, except for the picking dandilions. Collin this evening thought that he would entertain himself, and unknown to him the adults that were watching, by running the bases with his fingers in his cheeks making fishfaces. LOL! Could you imagine if the pro's did that. Thank goodness we only play 3 inning though..because after the first two it does get to be a bit like watching grass grow. Anyway. All of our games have been evening games on the week day, so I have to take all the kids by myself the the field. Kylie does awesome as she LOVES to play with one of the little boy's on Collin's team big Sister Sammy! She was one of my old students when I was working daycare and a sweetie pie. So Kylie and Sam color with chalk, and do summer-saults. Kylie actually started taught her self how to do 'rolls' about a month back and is rather good at them considering she is only 3! Anyway, that leads to Aiden..Oh that boy! He starts off great. He sits in his stroller and cheers "Yeah Nin-nin" which is what he calls Collin. Well that only lasts the amount of time it takes him to eat his baby fruit snacks. Then he wants down. For a few minuets he is usually all about what Kylie is doing. So today he really wanted to play chalk with Kylie How ever that only last a few minuets before he decided that it would be more fun to run off on Mommy. This became the new game, and he had lots of fun trying to run through the fields, or around the track, or even to go partcipate in Collin's game!

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  1. Sure looks like it's going to be a fun summer.
    lots of love to you all.
    Aunt Pauline & Uncle Tom