Monday, June 28, 2010

BBQ Fun with the Wright Family!!!!!!

Hi everyone! Summer is here and to celebrate my family and I were invited to Auntie Beth's house. Well, her mommy and Daddy's house. Mr. and Mrs Wright asked Mommy and Daddy a while ago if we would all like to come over for a picinic, we were so excited when the day finally arrived and it was time to go. It was kind of a long ride for us because they live out in Southwick, but it was a nice ride. And to make it even nicer when we got their our Buddy Jake was waiting for us. He even brought over his log cabin and his playset for us to play with. Here is a picture of my buddy Jake. He is SO COOL!
This is Mr. Wright, he's Auntie Beth's Daddy and just about as nice as can be. He did alot of work to make the yard look nice. He sure did a BEAUTIFUL job!!!!
So, at the picnic there was LOTS to do. Play in Jake's Cabin

There were Guitars to play, We got to run and play ball

Chase Auntie Beth.
We even got to meet Pop. Auntie Beth's grandfather. He showed us all his puzzles. Boy does he have alot of them...and a very cool system for getting them done. He told us all about it!
Ooooh, and eat! There was Lots and lots of yummy food. Especially the Ribs, those were AWESOME!
Here are some of the guys cooking...Jake's Daddy Dave (L), Jake's Uncle Andy (C) and Mr. Wright (L)
Even Shane had a nice place to play.

After we were done eating lots of yummy food and cookies and cupcakes that Mommy made Shane took a little nap and the grown ups played some games. Here is Auntie Beth and her sister Jen playing Badmiten

against Mr.Wright and Dave!

I don't know who won, but BOYS RULE...although Kylie says Girls rule! Here is Mr. Wright, Dave, and Jake's Aunt Wendy talking...I bet they are talking about how the boys won the game!!!

Mommy even got to sit down and do some "grown up talk" Here she is with Mr. Wright...boy she is making a silly face in this picture!
and just hang out with her Best Friend Auntie Beth and Jen..who is sooo sweet too!
While we were there poor Shane was just tucked in a corner and left alone...LOL! J/K. I don't think his feet touched the ground. He got lots of snuggles. Here is Jen holding Shane.

and Jakes' Meme Mrs. Kostecki.

Here is a nice picture of everyone having fun and just talking!
Here they are 3 of the sweetest ladies you'll meet. Mrs Wright, Auntie Beth, and Jen!!!! Aren't they all so pretty.
Auntie Beth looks like she was having a good time!

It started to get late, so Shane thought he would get a little cat nap in while he snuggled with Jen, and Mrs. Kostecki
While Shane rested Daddy and Uncle Matt played Badmiten.and Auntie Beth just relaxed!
The fun didn't stop when the sun went to bed...there are the grown ups playing with a big frisbieand I played my guitar!Uh-oh look out Auntie Beth kicked the ball hard.Kylie even put on a little show of her own.We really had a great time. Mommy and Daddy said that they felt so blessed to be able to spend a fun filled day with their best friends Uncle Matt and Auntie Beth.
As we got ready to go Mrs. Wright aka Momma Wright gave us all hugs, and thanked us for coming. Only it's US who THANK HER!!!! We had such a great time. Thank you so so much Momma Wright, and Mr. Wright too. You were so kind to us and made us feel so welcomed. Thanks for all the extra special gifts, time, and effort you put in to such a great day. We love you both!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A day at the lake

Hi everyone! Well summer must finally be here, because on Saturday (the 19th of June)the lake FINALLY opened up. We were so excited when mommy and daddy got us in our suits. At first we thought that we were just gonna go in our big kiddie pool, we ran down the driveway and was very confused when we looked back and saw mommy had pales and shovels, and even more confused that there was NO water in our pool. Daddy said to hope in the van and that we were going to Comet pond! Yippee. It was a gorgeous out and the water was so nice! We all jumped right in!

Mommy said that she was so proud of us, and how well we could swim. Kylie and I could both ACTUALLY swim. Last year we tried to trick people by using our hands and pushing on the bottom, but not this year. And guess what.....I can even swim UNDER WATER!!!! How cool is that?
Oh, and you know what the best thing about the lake is, the kids there!!!!! I got to see my friend Jamie. We played soccer together last fall. He was there. We swam and built a "pond" of our own. Here we are working on it.

Kylie even helped

While Kylie and I worked on the "pond" with Jamie Daddy and Aiden went for a swim. He LOVED it
And Shane ate some sand. EWWWE!

He also went in the water. He really liked it. He was splashing and smiling!

I think Shane thought it was the Most AMAZING place ever! This was his first trip there after all!

After he was done swimming, Aiden played with Haa-nah. They were SO cute just digging in the sand and talking to each other. Haa-nah is the same age as Aiden, just a few days older than him.

After a while Kylie decided that she would rather go play with some girls out in the water.
and Aiden dug in the sand some more. He really likes the sand

Here's a quick video of me swimming under the water. Check it out. Keep in mind though this was towards the end of the day, and I was getting cold and tired so I didn't swim as long under water as I had been earlier in the day.

While I was doing that Kylie was trying to "Free Willy" we had just seen that movie a few days ago and she was THRILLED when a friend at the beach let her play with their toy killer whale.

After a fun day at the beach, Mommy and Daddy said it was time to go. We didn't want to but they said it was getting to be dinner time and we had to go. I think it was just an excuse, and they are getting old and were just tired. But Mommy insisted that wasn't the case and it was dinner time and that the beach was closing in 30 minuets anyway. Here is Shane in his Mickey Bathrobe/towel. He is so cute!

Here's Aiden and I running to the car....

and Kylie giving a final smile all wrapped up in her towel.

We really had a great time and can't wait till next time. Thankfully we just live down the road so we get to go ALL the time!