Thursday, June 17, 2010

God Bless Shane

Hi everyone, it's me Shane. Mommy said that since it was MY special day, that I could do the blog today. Oh and she also wanted me to tell you sorry so long between posts. She's trying to tell me that she's been busy with us four kids...but we all know she is just being lazy, OK maybe not...anyway this isn't about her. Some of you may already know this but I got Baptized on June 13th. Mommy and Daddy had been telling me this was gonna happen, and that it was them saying that they promise God that they will teach me all about him and how much he loves me. They also told me that Uncle Matt and Auntie Beth were gonna be my Godparents. This I wasn't really sure what it meant but figured it had to be something good since Auntie Beth (and uncle Matt too) is so Awesome! What I DIDN'T know is that it meant that they were gonna put me in a ridiculous outfit, ok, so the outfit it's self wasn't that bad. But that hat...yeah I just wasn't happy with it! Mommy said I looked sweet, but I think I looked like a dork. You be the judge!

Here I am wearing my outfit and the necklace Auntie Beth gave me. She told me that she wore it when she was baptized. So that makes it very special. Mommy was sure to tuck it into my outfit after this so I wouldn't be tempted to pull on it and break it. It probably was a good idea because I DO love to pull on necklaces and have already broke one of Mommy's.
Anyway, after Mommy and Daddy were done taking pictures of me we loaded up and went to church. It was busy so we sat in the back. Something we NEVER do. I like to sit up front so I can see what is going on..besides I like when we sit in our usual seat cause the ladies behind me think I'm cute and coo over me. So while we were in church I kept thinking, "what is mommy and daddy making such a big fuss for. This is church just like every other Sunday." Once Mass was over we didn't leave. I began to see lots of people from my family come the time I thought they were just late for church..then Mommy said that it was time for my special day. We went up to the very front and my buddy Deacon Sal was waiting for us. Mommy told me that Father Bob had things to do so Deacon Sal was gonna baptize me. When we first started I sat with Uncle Matt..I was very curious about why all my family was sitting behind me.

Deacon Sal began talking about how very special of a day it was for me. This was FASCINATING. I sat very quietly so I could take it all in.

Next came the really different part, I was starting to see what made today so different. We went up to what Mommy said was the baptismal font..I thought it looked like a little bird bath.

After being rubbed with some oils, and saying some more prayers Momma layed me over the font and Deacon Sal dumped some water on me. Mommy later told me that it is holy water. It felt so good and I just smiled up at Deacon Sal.

Next was some more prayers....

and then Deacon Sal said "wear Christ" and Auntie Beth put a little cloth over me.
Next Deacon Sal said "Receive the light of Christ" So Uncle Matt lite a candle from the candle they lite at Easter time.

Well, I took it very literal that I was suppose to receive this lite, but uncle Matt wouldn't let me hold it.

Next Deacon Sal made mommy cry by saying a prayer over the mother. Mommy said she was feeling very emotional because I'm her last baby and this was the last time she was gonna have a baby baptized.

Then it was Daddy's turn, Deacon Sal said a nice blessing over him too!

Then everyone clapped and Mommy told me that was it I was Baptized.

Here I am after with Deacon Sal, and Mommy.

and now just Deacon Sal!!!

Here is a picture of my whole family! I know you are probably thinking "plus Matt and Beth" but you would be wrong, I love them SO MUCH they are defiantly my family. Mommy always says blood doesn't make family. I'm not sure what she means, but I do know that Uncle Matt and Auntie Beth are my family!!!!

I was so glad that Deacon Sal let Collin, Kylie, and Aiden be involved and right up there during my baptism. They defiantly thought it was cool too!

Here I am with My Godparents!!!!! Everyone was trying to get a picture so I think uncle Matt must have been looking some where else! I'll have to check with Memere and see how hers came out!

After the baptism we went home and had a party. Mommy was so busy getting food set up and entertaining that she forgot all about taking pictures, but I can tell you there was ALOT of food. To bad I don't have any teeth, cause I really wanted some cake. Mommy did how ever remember to take a picture of my cake. I think she did a great job.
and here is the side view of my cake!!!!

Anyway, that is all about how I got baptized. Thank you SO MUCH to those that came to celebrate with me. It made me feel so loved to know that so many people love me and that they were there to see me make my first step in the catholic church. I am so glad that God loves me and that Mommy and Daddy are telling me all about it!

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