Monday, September 21, 2009

A soccer game, baking, and ANOTHER lost tooth

Saturday was my VERY FIRST SOCCER GAME!!!!!! I was so excited, I could hardly wait.
See! I'm number 5! The Hubbardston Police Department sponser my team..and my team name is the BobCats!! GO BOBCATS!!!!!!!
Here are some pics from my very first soccer game. It sure was alot of fun!

Here I am kicking the ball to one of the girls on my team!

The ball went out of bounds so I got to throw it back into play!

Good Game everyone!!!!!

Oh, also on saturday, I lost ANOTHER tooth!!!! It happend saturday morning before my soccer game. I was just wiggling my tooth and POP out it came! Here is me with my silly new smile!!!

Sunday morning Mommy felt like baking, so she grabbed her 3 favorite helpers and got ingrediants together and we baked!!!!!!

Here we are putting butter on the pie crust to make our special treats!!!!!! I got to sprinkle some sugar on one of the pie crusts to make our "bumble bee" treatsKylie and Aiden put brown sugar the other pie crust before mommy added the molasses! To make another special has a funny french name that I don't know how to write.

After baking all morning with Mommy we helped clean up, had lunch and then got ready for the patriots game!

Here we are all ready in our Patriots shirts waiting for the game to start! Go Tom BRADY!!!!!!!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

A toothless moment!!!!

Your NEVER gonna guess what happend to me! Are you ready for this...I LOST MY FIRST TOOTH! Can you believe it? I won't be 5 for another few weeks, yet I lost a tooth. See, I wasn't kidding when I said that we are all growing up. Mommy and Daddy were both a little concerned that I had already lost a tooth so they looked on line, and sure enough everything said kids loose their first teeth between the ages of 4 1/2 and 7. It also said that the earlier you get your teeth the earlier you will loose them. Well unlike my brother and sister I got my teeth early only 6 months. So looks like it's OK! Anyway, here are some pictures of me and my amazing lost tooth!

So So, Last night when I went to bed, I put my tooth under my pillow. Mommy and Daddy told me the tooth fairy would come and leave me somthing in place of my tooth. Here I am this morning. I woke up and like Mommy and Daddy to do I checked under my pillow. My tooth was gone, but this is what I found in it's place...........

I can't believe that I got $5 whole dollars! I am just so excited about this. Although, I do wonder what on Earth does the tooth fairy want with my teeth? I thought it was so surprised that the tooth fairy could take a tooth and leave money under my pillow with out me knowing. I told mommy that she must be very sneaky! Oh, and as a special treat today..Daddy is taking me 4-wheeling!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Soccer and U/S pics

So, yesterday I started soccer! Well, it was just practice...but it was awesome and I already love it! My first game is on sunday and I can hardly wait. Here are some pics mommy took of me at my first practice!

Running laps to get all warmed up before practice started

I shoot, and I SCORE!!!! First I practiced dribbling the ball between cones, then I got to kick the ball in the net!

Here I am doing passing drills.

I was so fast, the girl didn't even know I was coming and I kicked it away from her..but don't worry I wasn't being mean, we were playing a game called iceman and that's what you are suppose to do! Ok, Now I'm gonna pass the computer over to Mommy as she has some news to share with everyone.

Today (Wed 9-9) I went for an ultra sound to check on the baby's size and position. Because I've be messuring a tad big, and the baby seemed to be presenting transverse at my Dr's apt last week. So we get there and first thing the tech says was do you know what your having..we say "Well they tell us it's a boy" She laughs and says I would say so..and turns the monitor for us to see..and looks like a boy to us too! So then she starts searching around. Does her thing, gets her measurments and tells us the baby is definatly head down now. So that was a great thing. She said that he has a very big belly and that currently he is measuring at about 5 1/2 lbs. So since I still have another 7 weeks to go it looks like we are gonna have another chubby one. But that's fine with us. So everything looks great. We are so excited and now all that's left to do is wait for him to come. Here are some U/S pics from today.

Here is a profile pic, his head is up to the right. You can see his nose and chin real well. He has his hand near his chin!

This is a face on one. Again his head is to the can see his eye sockets and make out his noise and lips and this time that is his leg up near his face, and the rest is his big belly.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

We're ALL growing!!!!

Wow, the summer is done, and fall is here! Mommy has been telling us all how much we've grown over the summer so I thought I would tell you a little bit about it!

See that's a picture of ME above!!!!! I'm about to turn 5 in November. Mommy says she still can't believe that I'm gonna be five. I think sometimes she forgets that's I'm not a baby anymore. If you've been following our blog you know that I played T-ball this spring. Well guess what, this week I start soccer! My first practice is tuesday, and my first game it the 19th! I can hardly wait! I've also been getting really smart. Mommy and I (and Kylie too) do flash cards several times a week with letters on them and you know what, I recognize them ALL!!!!! Mommy says that makes me pretty smart! I've also grown really tall of the summer..that my pants from last fall that were way to big for me, are way to small for me now. Mommy says one thing that has NOT changed is how I'm still a silly boy! I guess she's right, I do like to act silly and make people laugh!

Kylie is 3 1/2 now. She's so smart. Right along with me she's starting to recognize letters, she doesn't want me to do anything she can't do. Mommy says she's growing very tall, and everyone comments on her beautiful hair. Although you can't tell in this picture, when it's down it's got lots of pretty curls. Kylie can't wait for our brother to come...she keeps telling us it's HER baby and she'll take care of him. Although, I think that she might be wrong and that Mommy and Daddy might be the ones taking care of him.

Here's Aiden...he's been busy growing and getting into trouble. He's now 19 months old and mommy says he's a handful. Kylie and I think he's funny. Right now he loves to climb, climbs EVERYTHING! Especially the stools that belong at the breakfast table. He's figured out how to move them around the kitchen and uses them to climb up and get things out of cabinets when he wants a treat. He's also starting to talk a ton. He repeats almost anything you say..he also is starting to answer you when you talk to him. He's so smart!

This weekend Aiden had a big moment. He showed us how much he is growing when he slept in his big boy bed for the very first time! Mommy bought a safty rail so he can't fall out of bed. Even though he's on the bottom bunk, mommy says it's still a big fall for a little guy. But Aiden did GREAT! He looked so cute sleeping down there, and I like that we get to share our bunkbeds now. GO BIG BOYS!!!! Here's a picture of Aiden the first time he slept in his bed, this was nap time on saturday (sept 5th)

Kylie and I are getting so big, that mommy is letting us practice cutting with butter knifes. Usually we only get to practice on playdough, but this morning at breakfast she let us cut our own pancakes. Mommy says that is another sign that we are growing up!

Speaking of "growing" we aren't the only ones that are getting bigger and bigger! Mommy's belly is VERY big!!!!! So big infact that she keeps telling us she lost her feet, and her belly button is popped out. We think that means the baby must be done, but Mommy says since the baby isn't a turkey that's not the way to tell. Here are some pics of Mommy and her GIANT belly. She wants us to tell you that she's 32 weeks and 3 days pregnant in these pics!

We just can't wait till our baby brother finally comes out of mommy's belly ! We also can't wait to share his name with ALL of you!!!! We've been very busy helping mommy get ready for him to come. Yesterday we helped put his bedding in his crib! It matches the blankets on the bunk beds!

Doesn't his crib look so cute? Now all that's left to do is wait for the baby to come! Although we still have about a 53 day wait!!!!