Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Soccer and U/S pics

So, yesterday I started soccer! Well, it was just practice...but it was awesome and I already love it! My first game is on sunday and I can hardly wait. Here are some pics mommy took of me at my first practice!

Running laps to get all warmed up before practice started

I shoot, and I SCORE!!!! First I practiced dribbling the ball between cones, then I got to kick the ball in the net!

Here I am doing passing drills.

I was so fast, the girl didn't even know I was coming and I kicked it away from her..but don't worry I wasn't being mean, we were playing a game called iceman and that's what you are suppose to do! Ok, Now I'm gonna pass the computer over to Mommy as she has some news to share with everyone.

Today (Wed 9-9) I went for an ultra sound to check on the baby's size and position. Because I've be messuring a tad big, and the baby seemed to be presenting transverse at my Dr's apt last week. So we get there and first thing the tech says was do you know what your having..we say "Well they tell us it's a boy" She laughs and says I would say so..and turns the monitor for us to see..and looks like a boy to us too! So then she starts searching around. Does her thing, gets her measurments and tells us the baby is definatly head down now. So that was a great thing. She said that he has a very big belly and that currently he is measuring at about 5 1/2 lbs. So since I still have another 7 weeks to go it looks like we are gonna have another chubby one. But that's fine with us. So everything looks great. We are so excited and now all that's left to do is wait for him to come. Here are some U/S pics from today.

Here is a profile pic, his head is up to the right. You can see his nose and chin real well. He has his hand near his chin!

This is a face on one. Again his head is to the can see his eye sockets and make out his noise and lips and this time that is his leg up near his face, and the rest is his big belly.

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