Friday, April 30, 2010

T-ball and sippy cups.

It finally happend, Our FIRST T-ball game of the season. Really we should be on game 2, but our first game got rained out. Mommy says that's part of spring sports. Kylie and I were so excited, here are some Highlights from the game....Here's me Up to Bat.

Mommy had a hard time getting a good picture of Kylie up to bat because she is a left, so unless mommy went and stood in the middle of the field this was a good as it got.

After the whole team had their turn batting it was time to Take the field. At the start of the game I was on first base..that meant I had to be on the look out for the kids to throw the ball to me, then it was my job to throw the ball back to home plate!

I'm ready for action, and for that Ball to come to me!!!!!

Kylie on the other hand, seems to think that T-ball is a time to socialize and talk to the girl that comes to her base about her earings!

The ball came to Kylie, and instead of Throwing it to first base, she thought she would walk it over and Talk to her friend Izzy on the way.....ahhhh girls!!!!!

We both had a great time playing in our first game. We both can't wait till our next game!!!

In other Woodruff news, Since every time Shane sees someone drinking he smacks his lips, makes a sucking sound and reaches for the persons drink Mommy thought it might be time to try a sippy cup with Shane. He shocked us all when the second mommy gave him the cup he started drinking it. Here is Shane with his sippy cup for the first time. He's drinking very very watered down white grape juice. He LOVES it!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Carolanne and T-ball

So since it was April Vacation, and it had been so LONG since we've gotten to see her. Mommy picked Carolanne up on Monday (4/19) to stay with us for a few nights. We were all so excited. As a special treat Mommy took us all to Wendy's and let us each get a frosty....

After our "Special treat" we went home and played for a while. We were all so excited to have Carolanne over. Later on Mommy called us all into the Kitchen and we made PIZZA. It was so much fun. Mommy put the dough onto the cooking sheet and we did the rest! Here is a video of us cooking...

After our Pizza we got in our Jammies and got ready to watch a movie and just snuggle. Here we all are!

The following day Mommy surprised us and packed a picnic lunch and took us all to the Barre Dam

After our picnic, since we were already in Barre Mommy took us to the Ruggles Lane Playground. This is Aiden's FAVORITE playground since it's all climbing things. I think Mommy just wanted us to get out some energy, but we didn't care we had a ball!

Then it was back home for dinner, bath and bed. We sure used up alot of energy and were tired!The next morning we got up and Mommy took us to the dino park in Leominster we we had another picnic with our friends the Baker's. Mommy forgot her camera though. Silly girl. Then it was time to bring Carolanne home. We were so sad, but Mommy said that Auntie Rose was really missing Carolanne and besides we already had plans for that evening. Daddy had been at a training and was coming home and, I'm not sure if you have all heard or not but Kylie and I are playing T-ball. And Wed (4/21) was our practice. Kylie wasn't originally signed up because when I played last year they said that you had to be 4 1/2 to play but when we got to my first practice we saw that Coach Tony's little girl was on the team and the same age as Kylie. So Mommy asked him about it and he said that he had extra shirts and an extra spot on his team and if it was OK with the head of Hubbardston Baseball it was ok with him if Kylie played. So we are on the same team. The Rietta Ranch team and guess what I am #1 and Kylie is #2...Mommy calls us thing one and thing 2. LOL! Anyway before practice on Tuesday Mommy and Daddy took us to the park to play. While we were there, Kylie learned to pump herself on the swing!!!!

Shane even got to go on a swing for the first time. He LOVED it!
After about 15 minuets of playing it was finally time for practice. Kylie was SO excited to be on the team. After we did our warm ups we practiced catching the ball from the bases. Here is Kylie watching what is going on And YES she really practiced in a Skirt. You know her she refuses to wear pants. Oh and No she doesn't have her glove on the wrong hand she's a lefty!!! Kylie wants me to give a special Thank You to Uncle Rick and Auntie Jocelyn who went all over the place looking for a PINK left handed glove!!!!!

Here I am practicing covering 3rd base...later I learned that I need to stand off the base not ON. I had forgotten that from last year.

Since I am player number 1, I got to be first up to bat

Ke-ke at bat!!!!

So, that was our week (4-19 - 4-25) in a nut shell. It was a pretty good week. We had lots of fun with Carolanne, and are BOTH loving T-ball. Before I go I have just one more picture to share. I couldn't help myself......

I know it doesn't have anything to do with ANYTHING I've been telling you about. But I thought it was just so cute. Shane taking a tubby in the kitchen sink. Doesn't it look like he's saying "WHAT? Doesn't everyone take a bath in the sink?" LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sharks and Puppy Love!

On Saturday (4/10) when Daddy came home from work he said that he had a surprise for us. He told us that he had gotten tickets to go see the Worcester Sharks (A hockey team) and asked if we wanted to go see them. Of Corse we said yes, and were SO excited. We all had a great time, but I think that Aiden, yes Aiden liked it the best. He really seemed to get it and was watching what was going on like a hawk. He got when they would make a goal and would yell and scream. Truth be told Kylie and I did too, but not till after everyone else started to. Not Aiden though he would yell WITH the crowd. Here are some pictures from our FIRST Hockey game....

When the teams first came on the ice I thought that it was the start of the game, but Daddy said NO, it was just them warming up. I didn't get it at first cause I thought it was plenty warm in there. Then I remembered about warming up from T-ball and Soccer and 'got it' Here are the Sharks warming up.....

and the Providence Bruins!!!!!!!!!!!

Here we are coming back from watching the players warm up!

The girls and Shane were so excited about the Hockey game!

Mmmmmmmmmmmm, Snow Cones. So yummy!

Here is the shark that all the skaters come out of. IT's so neat!

Here are the "boys" enjoying the Hockey game

There was the coolest remote control plane in there. IT did some really neat tricks, and was dropping cards, but we didn't get one!

Who the heck can fall asleep at a LOUD hockey game, I'll tell you who....SHANE!!!! He fell asleep with 5 minuets left to the 3rd period and stayed asleep when the whole crowed started yelling and cheering because the Sharks won...and took the divisional title!

We LOVED our first Hockey Game experience...and can't wait till next season for our next game....Hmmmm, maybe the Bruins?!?!?!?!

"And the call it Puppy love..." Did you think we got a new puppy? Not at ALL. The other night after Bath Mommy had Shane all wrapped up in his Puppy towel, he looked so cute that we took a bunch of pictures. Here are a few!

Here he is after he was all dressed. He's such a good sitter now!!!! Oh and he must think those fingers are awefully YUMMY cause he's gotten them in his mouth ALL the time. Mommy says it's probably just because he's teething. I still think they must just taste good. Why else would he use his fingers instead of the teething rings?

Ke-ke Lou's Tutu!!!!!!

I decided that since the boys get so much blog time, and since I am the only girl that I would commender the blog for a moment! For Christmas, Santa brought me the cutest Tu-tu ever. Turns out, Mommy's friend Stacey is the one that actually made it for me. Mommy said that the sewing elves must have been pretty busy and Santa heard that Stacey is a really good Tu-tu maker so he asked her to make me one. How cool!!!! Anyway, here are some pictures of me in my tu-tu~ Jumping UP~~
Landing from my big jump!

Anyway, that's all. Mommy did want me to tell all of you that if you are intrested in a cute tu-tu like this to let her know and she can put you in touch with her friend Stacy. She custom makes them and can do any color(s) and size that you want. She also does matching bows. I have two of them but forgot to put them in my hair