Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sharks and Puppy Love!

On Saturday (4/10) when Daddy came home from work he said that he had a surprise for us. He told us that he had gotten tickets to go see the Worcester Sharks (A hockey team) and asked if we wanted to go see them. Of Corse we said yes, and were SO excited. We all had a great time, but I think that Aiden, yes Aiden liked it the best. He really seemed to get it and was watching what was going on like a hawk. He got when they would make a goal and would yell and scream. Truth be told Kylie and I did too, but not till after everyone else started to. Not Aiden though he would yell WITH the crowd. Here are some pictures from our FIRST Hockey game....

When the teams first came on the ice I thought that it was the start of the game, but Daddy said NO, it was just them warming up. I didn't get it at first cause I thought it was plenty warm in there. Then I remembered about warming up from T-ball and Soccer and 'got it' Here are the Sharks warming up.....

and the Providence Bruins!!!!!!!!!!!

Here we are coming back from watching the players warm up!

The girls and Shane were so excited about the Hockey game!

Mmmmmmmmmmmm, Snow Cones. So yummy!

Here is the shark that all the skaters come out of. IT's so neat!

Here are the "boys" enjoying the Hockey game

There was the coolest remote control plane in there. IT did some really neat tricks, and was dropping cards, but we didn't get one!

Who the heck can fall asleep at a LOUD hockey game, I'll tell you who....SHANE!!!! He fell asleep with 5 minuets left to the 3rd period and stayed asleep when the whole crowed started yelling and cheering because the Sharks won...and took the divisional title!

We LOVED our first Hockey Game experience...and can't wait till next season for our next game....Hmmmm, maybe the Bruins?!?!?!?!

"And the call it Puppy love..." Did you think we got a new puppy? Not at ALL. The other night after Bath Mommy had Shane all wrapped up in his Puppy towel, he looked so cute that we took a bunch of pictures. Here are a few!

Here he is after he was all dressed. He's such a good sitter now!!!! Oh and he must think those fingers are awefully YUMMY cause he's gotten them in his mouth ALL the time. Mommy says it's probably just because he's teething. I still think they must just taste good. Why else would he use his fingers instead of the teething rings?

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