Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kiss us WE'RE IRISH!!!!!!

Hi everyone, it's St. Patrick's Day, and since we are part Irish. We decided to celebrate and wear our green shirts to celebrate. I of corse didn't mind at all since I LOVE green the best. I don't need an excuse to wear a green shirt! So I don't know if you are aware of this, but we all have Irish names. And weather by design or coincidence we all pretty much 'fit our names. Personality wise that is!!!!
My name (Collin) is the Irish derivative or Nicholas and it means "SHY" which I can be around people I don't know!!!!

Kylie's name is Gaelic and it means "Pretty" don't tell her I said so, but it is the perfect choice for her. She is very pretty!!!!!!

Aiden's name is Celtic and it means - "Fiery Spirit" and as you all learned when it was his turn to star in the blog, that he DEFIANTLY does have a fiery spirit....

Shane his name is Celtic for "CALM" . He really is such a good and Happy Baby. Mommy thought about naming him Ian, but that meant wild and she though better not take the chance that he would take it literally like Aiden did. Besides we think he looks like a Shane!!!!!

I was NOT happy that Mommy took Shane away from me so Aiden could have a turn.

Since it is so nice outside today we decided to have a picnic outside.....

Once Shane was down for his nap this afternoon mommy made us a special St. Patrick's day treat....SHAMROCK SHAKES. Mmmmm they are so yummy!!!!!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone!!!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

sitting up and pierced ears!

Something VERY exciting Happend to me this weekend. I got my ears pierced!!!!!!! After like a year of asking Mommy and Daddy, they finally gave in. Well Daddy that is. Mommy didn't have an issue with it. Mommy and Daddy kept telling me what to expect. They said two ladies would use a special ear piercer and say 1,2,3 and then there would be a pinch and it would probably hurt a bit. I think they are CRAZY it didn't hurt at all. I didn't even flinch! Here is the LAST picture of me with out "holes in my head" as Daddy would say.And "TA-DA" here I am with can't see them to good, but I assure you they are gorgeous!!!!! I love them.
Here is me and Mommy talking about getting my ears pierced once we got home. She got a good shot of them so you could see them!

Along with me getting me ears pierced, another exciting thing that happend this weekend is that Shane learned how to sit up ALL BY HIMSELF!!!! Isn't he smart? He's only 4 months old and already he can roll over and sit up. Mommy said that she wonders if he's gonna be an early walker like Aiden who was walking at 9 months. He's already taking after him in the being early doing things department! Here are some pics of him showing off his newest achievement.
Add Imagehe really likes his glow worm and his Dragon. Especially his dragon!!!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Guitar hero and rolling!

Since we finally got a reliable internet connection we can NOW share some home videos' here are two....ENJOY

Here is Aiden playing 'guitar hero' with Dadd and us kids. He LOVES when we play, he gets out the guitar that santa got for him and, well as you'll see he really gets into it!!!!!!

Shane learned how to roll over, here he is showing off his new tallent!

Monday, March 8, 2010

A haircut and some solids!!!!!!!

I can't believe we forgot to mention it, but Aiden got a big boy hair cut! He's had a trim before to get his hair out of his eyes, but this time he got his first REAL BIG BOY cut!!!! It happend while Mommy and Shane were still in the hospital, Daddy had to come home because Poor Memere was sick. So while he was home Daddy took Aiden since Mommy had planned on doing it that week anyway. Here is what Aiden looked like BEFORE his cut.........and here is Aiden after his hair cut!!! Doesn't he look so cute and grown!!!!

In other Woodruff family news...You guys are never gonna guess what....are you ready? Shane got to have some food. Now it wasn't big people food like I get to eat. It was baby cereal. Can you believe that he is finally big enough for it? At first he cried when Mommy and Daddy put him in his high chair, but as soon as Daddy gave him his first bite of food he was happy and LOVED it. Mommy couldn't get over how well he did and said that he must have been born to eat cause he knew what to do with the cereal right away. I stood by and watched incase Daddy needed my help!

After Mommy and Daddy were done feeding Shane, he still had a few more bites left so Kylie thought she would help out. She sure did a good job!!!!!
Mmmmmm that was good!!!!!
It was so nice to have our first dinner (where everyone ate) as a family of 6!!!!! I can't wait to see how Shane like Fruits and veggies. Mommy says that's a few months off so stay tuned!!!!!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

A day in the life of a PRINCESS!!!!!!

It's finally my turn!!!!!!!!! It's me Kylie! I'm now 4 years and getting to be such a big girl (according to Mommy and Daddy!) I'm very very girly and LOVE being the only girl of the family. It makes me very special and the only PRINCESS!!!
I'm very brave...I had to go to the eye dr's the other day to get my eyes examined and dilated, and I didn't cry and answered all the dr's questions.

Look!!!!!! I know how to zipper my zipper now. How smart am I!
I love to play!!!! With kitchen stuff, dolls, playdough, my easy bake cooking. Although Mommy says it is really called an Easy Bake OVEN.Here is me ridding my Horse..I would really love a real one someday
I LOVE playing with Barbies...she's got the best clothes and is just so much fun
Don't forget about Ponyville, it's still one of my very favorite things in the world!

After my bath I like when Mommy wraps my hair up in a towel!!!!!! See how grown I look.

I LOVE my snuggly bathrobe. It keeps me nice and warm after my bath

Ok off to bed, even a princess needs her beauty sleep!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A week in PICU

I'm sure most of you have heard by now, but Shane decided that he would give his mommy and Daddy a big scare. It all started on saturday (2/20). The other kids had been sick, Aiden had broncitis and the biggest kids colds, well Shane started coughing a tad but nothing major. Sunday morning he woke up with a temp and when I gave him his bath I noticed that he was really working to breath and his chest was retracting. So I called our Pedi and took him straight into the ER in leominster. On my way I picked up Memere for support. Boy am I glad I did! We waited what seemed like forever for him to even be seen by the triage nurse and to be honest the only reason we got seen when we did is because the nurse came out to triage a patient in a wheel chair and noticed Shane having issues. There were several people ahead of him but she brought him right back. We were wisked right into the ER when they saw how sick he was. HE had a temp of 103.6, his heart rate was at 254, his Oxygen level was at 60% (it should be 100%) and he was taking 113 breaths per minuet. I don't think we were back in the ER more than 10 secounds before we were surrounded by dr's doing their thing trying to get an IV started, chest x-rays, and what not. One Dr started talking to me about a possible heart issue (which thank goodness wasn't the case). They tested him for RSV and it came back possitive, but because he was so sick they wanted him transported out to Worcester because they don't have a critical care unit for kids. SO Shane got his first (and hopfully last) ambulance ride!

Once we arrived at UMass Worcester we were brought into the ER were we were assed again. Matt met us there..and we found out that we were indeed going to be admited. We figured as much. We were brought to the regular Pedi floor were we spent about 6 hours before they decided that Shane was just to sick to stay on the regular floor and promptly moved us to the PICU. He needed to be placed on the highflow machine, which is oxygen pushed at a higher rate. on the regular floor he was 100% oxygen but only at 1 liter. On the highflow we started out at 70% oxygen but pushed at 7 liters. He was touch and go for the next few days and there were several times were he scared both Mommy and Daddy and the Dr's. Let's just say several Dr's said he was their "critical" patient. A few times he came close to being intabated, but thank god it didn't come down to that. He was hardly ever awake and because he was so sick he wasn't able to feed. Plus he had spiked a fever that they couldn't control. By wed they felt that he should have turned around, and when he hadn't and was only getting sicker they re-ordered a gambit of tests including another chest x-ray. Turns out he had bacteria in his blood and Phnemonia. Well, at this point Shane either had pulled out the IV in his head or it just blew. At either rate it was no longer in his head so they were desperatly trying to get an IV back in him. Thankfully a great nurse finally got one in him and they stared an anti-biotic. With in 12 hours we started to see him turn around. Thank goodness. They allowed him to start taking mommy's milk from a bottle. Friday we were finally able to nurse again and that evening we were taken off the high-flow and put on regular oxygen and moved to the step down unit. That night he pulled the oxygen out of his nose and although the oxygen was 'on' he was never getting any. His stats never dropped so Saturday first thing the took the mask off. He continued to do great and by lunch time we got to go home. Thank goodness it was the longest 6 days of our life.

Here is Shane finally home and hang'n out with his Dragon!!!! We were all so happy to have him home and be back to our big happy family. I don't think any of us have ever been so happy to see Shane smilling!

Thank-you to everyone who came to visit us, thought of us and prayed for us. A extra special Thank you's go out to Memere for taking such good care of the big kids, Missy (Baker) for thinking of us and bringing Mommy some clothes, snacks and Shane's now beloved dragon, Papa for visiting and bringing food. It sure was better than hospital food...and Auntie Jocelyn who visited every day even during her lunch breaks and on her day off! We love you all!