Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kiss us WE'RE IRISH!!!!!!

Hi everyone, it's St. Patrick's Day, and since we are part Irish. We decided to celebrate and wear our green shirts to celebrate. I of corse didn't mind at all since I LOVE green the best. I don't need an excuse to wear a green shirt! So I don't know if you are aware of this, but we all have Irish names. And weather by design or coincidence we all pretty much 'fit our names. Personality wise that is!!!!
My name (Collin) is the Irish derivative or Nicholas and it means "SHY" which I can be around people I don't know!!!!

Kylie's name is Gaelic and it means "Pretty" don't tell her I said so, but it is the perfect choice for her. She is very pretty!!!!!!

Aiden's name is Celtic and it means - "Fiery Spirit" and as you all learned when it was his turn to star in the blog, that he DEFIANTLY does have a fiery spirit....

Shane his name is Celtic for "CALM" . He really is such a good and Happy Baby. Mommy thought about naming him Ian, but that meant wild and she though better not take the chance that he would take it literally like Aiden did. Besides we think he looks like a Shane!!!!!

I was NOT happy that Mommy took Shane away from me so Aiden could have a turn.

Since it is so nice outside today we decided to have a picnic outside.....

Once Shane was down for his nap this afternoon mommy made us a special St. Patrick's day treat....SHAMROCK SHAKES. Mmmmm they are so yummy!!!!!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone!!!!!

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