Sunday, August 30, 2009

A picinic with Memere

A few friday's ago (August 28th to be exact) Mommy told us that we were going to spend the day with Memere and Carolanne! Not only that, but we were going for a picinic lunch. We were so very excited. We couldn't wait for our picinic, and we really couldn't wait to see Memere..but most of all we couldn't wait to see our big cousin Carolanne. We had so much fun that day! Here are some pics that mommy took of the day!
LOL! This is the face he makes when he see's a camera, he's saying "Cheese" as I'm taking it!

Do you think I could get a pic were all 4 kids were looking and Carolanne didn't have her hand in her face? NOPE! This is as good as it got!

After our picinic at Cogshall park we all had to go potty, so we headed back to Memere's for a very quick potty break, and then we went to the Dinosaur park on Merriam ave in Leominster. Boy did we have fun. We hadn't been there since we moved to Hubbardston 2 1/2 years ago so we were very excited. We ran, climbed, slide and just had a great time!!!!!!

Weeeee, Kylie LOVES swinging!!! So did Carolanne! We sure do wish that we didn't live so far, and that we got to see our favorite cousin more often. Oh and Memere too. She's one of our favorite people in the world. We were so blessed to have such a nice fun day.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Swimming and Veggie picking!!

We had another great summer weekend. Saturday Mommy and Daddy told us we were going to visit with Nana and Papa, and that since they lived on the same road we were also going to visit with Nanny and Grandpa who are Daddy's grandparents and go for a swim in their big pool. Kylie and I remembered the pool from last year so we were excited. Even though last year I hated it. Aiden however was to little to remember so he had no idea what this big pool looked like, but he was excited none the less as he LOVES to swim. We got there and said our hello's and got in our suits. Nana and Papa met us there because they wanted to see us swim too. Mommy had bought us all arm muscles and told us it would help us stay above the water and swim. We all did GREAT! Even Aiden swam with only his arm floats. It was so much fun we keep asking Mommy and Daddy when we can go again! Here are some pics from the day.

Look!!! Collin trying to swim underwater!

Kylie really picked up swimming by herself fast!

We had sooo much fun swimming at Nanny and Grandpa's pool! But after a few hours it was time to get going and head up to Nana and Papa's house. Not that we had far to go! So we got changed and walked up the road. Papa has been working hard all summer to grow a garden were he planted fresh tomato's, greenbeans, eggplant, broccoli and other yummy veggies. Papa let us pick some. We especially loved picking the tomatos!

There is nothing Kylie LOVES more than Papa's cherry tomato's!

After all that hard work of picking veggies, which mommy told us is called harvesting we decided that it was time for a breaks, and decided the best place for that was on Nana and Papa's porch swing!!!!!!!

Weeeeeee! We love to swing on Nana and Papa's porch swing!!!!!

Mmmmm, my Papa sure does grow yummy tomato's! I'm glad I got to come and pick some!!!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's HOT, and we are trying to keep COOL!!!!!!

Summer time is in full blast here in MA! In fact Mommy says that we are in the middle of a heat wave! We don't really know what that means, but it must have something to do with how HOT it's been here the last few days. Mommy and Daddy have been trying hard to keep us and themselves cool. Here's what we've been up too!

Mmmmm, Aiden discovered Plums this summer. As you can see he LOVES them. Don't leave them were he can reach or he'll steal them.

Doesn't Ke-ke look so pretty in this picture. But don't tell her that her brother's said that!!! She was just sitting in a chair on the deck after enjoying her plum when Mommy snapped this pic.

We've spent a great deal of time splashing around in our kiddie pool. This is a good way to stay cool on days were Mommy and Daddy say we can't go to the lake. Here are a few pics of us from last night (monday the 17th) Note that Aiden has his hand in the air..he's saying Touch down here!

The lake is our favorite place to cool off! At the start of the summer, Kylie was the only one of us that wanted to swim be honest I was a little scared. Aiden liked it ok, as long as he was clutched to mommy or daddy. But with in a few times of going we all LOVED it and jump right in. Mommy says we've all become regular little fish. I think what she means is that we've all taken to swimming and are gettin braver and trying things on our own. Here are some pics from our trip to the lake on saturday (the 15th)

To bad this picture of Kylie swimming isn't a little clearer. Mommy said it's because Ky was moving while Momma was trying to take it! Silly Mommy of corse she was moving, that's the point of swimming.

Aiden is like a fish out of water...he tries to run to the water, and jump right in with out any help.

Here we all our.... the swimming family!!!!!!!

The Sprinkler has been a real fun way to cool off, it combines our two favorite things, running and water. Here are some pics from us running through the sprinkler on Sunday (the 16th) night

Kylie and I thought we might as well wash our bellies while we were at it!!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer fun, and family visits!

Wow, it's been a while since Mommy has updated our blog. Geesh! Although in all fairness to her, we have been pretty busy. We've been enjoying the summer now that it has finnally arrived. We've been spending our days splashing around in the kiddie pool, or going up to comet pond. Also we've had family in from out of town, and Daddy and Uncle Rick have been taking Collin fishing. Here are some pics of what we've been up to the last few weeks!

I got a fishing rod for my birthday from my Auntie Missy, and Uncle Mike and I've been asking and asking Daddy to take me fishing. Finally a few weeks ago he and Uncle Rick got some poles and their licences and took me. I loved it! It was a relaxing day just sitting by the water with the guys!
I was the only one who caught a fish! It might not have been a big fish, but a fish non the less!

On Thursday July 23rd Mommy loaded us into van and said that we were gonna go see our Matante Simone, Cousin Susan, and Cousin Roy! Now seeing as we had NEVER met him we had no idea what to expect..although mommy did tell us that he was a little boy and the same age as Kylie. We were so excited...especially Collin who is pretty convinced that he has no boy cousins. We got there and at first both Collin and Roy were a bit shy with each other, but Mommy left the boys to it. With in minuets they were getting along and playing like old pals! Matante Simone filled up the kiddie pool, and since we didn't have our suits with us we all just went out in our undies. We had a great time! Just splashing around and playing with our cousin.

Wed. July 29th was the day I had been dreading for weeks. My surgery day. If you don't know, I had a bump on my right eye. Mommy said it's called a cyst. What ever it's called the Dr's said it had to come off since it was growing so fast, and that meant having surgery. I was NOT happy. Anyway, Mommy and Daddy woke us all up very early that morning. What they were doing up at 5:15 am is beyond me..although they said they hadn't slept at all that night. Anyway, they packed us up and dropped Kylie and Aiden off at Auntie Missy's and we headed to the hospital. I was feeling pretty nervous and was very tired, hungry and thirsty. Mommy said I couldn't have anything to eat or drink till my surgery was done. Now that made me MAD! Anyway, while I waited for the nurses to call my name I did get to play on the computer in the that was sort of fun. Then they called my name and we went back to a room where Dr. Wiesburg came to talk to know what, he wore his PJ's to work. Mommy said they were really surgical scrubs, but they looked an aweful lot like PJ's to me. The Dr's said that mommy or Daddy could come back with me till I fell asleep. They later decided that it would be best if Daddy went since Mommy had a baby in her belly. So they gave Daddy the craziest looking outfit I've ever seen. Just as we were getting ready to go, Mommy tied bed-bed (my special blanket) around me so I could be brave like super-man, and I carried pickles and buddy (my bunny and teddy bear) to the Operating room! I was very brave and everything went great! Mommy and Daddy said I was back there for about 45 minuets. When I woke up I was a little sad, but once I really woke up I was ok, and I even got to eat some popcicles, and have some juice. Here are a few pics from that day!

SaturdayAugust1st we had a big party at Matante Pauline's house. We were all so excited because we knew we were gonna get to see the triplets. We've been following their blog and talking about them and missing them for a long time. So we were all excited to see them and Kiss them. Mommy told us that they weren't little babies anymore, and boy was she right. We couldn't believe how much they had grown.

Jordan thought that everything was funny! Mommy said he reminded her alot of Collin as a baby.

Jack was deep in thought with his binkie!

Addison is such a little cutie,
she kept laughing at us playing

Addie was NOT impressed with everyone trying to take her picture, Jordan however thought it was pretty amusing that his sister was making such a fuss.

Aiden just couldn't help himself. He just had to give Jack some kisses! Hmmm I wonder if he'll be that sweet with our new brother?

Here our our baby cousins with their Mommy and Daddy..Jack, Addison, and Jordan! Aren't they just little pumpkins! That's what Collin calls them. Oh their mommy and daddy's names are Scott and Jamie. Mommy says that Scott is her cousin and growing up he was her most favorite person in the world!

Here we are having a nice picinic lunch. Mmm Hotdogs and mac salad! Yummo!It was so much fun having a big family get together. We loved seeing all our Aunts and Uncles, and getting to meet our cousin Roy..and getting to see the triplets again. We've really missed them and can't believe how big they got. We love you all!