Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's HOT, and we are trying to keep COOL!!!!!!

Summer time is in full blast here in MA! In fact Mommy says that we are in the middle of a heat wave! We don't really know what that means, but it must have something to do with how HOT it's been here the last few days. Mommy and Daddy have been trying hard to keep us and themselves cool. Here's what we've been up too!

Mmmmm, Aiden discovered Plums this summer. As you can see he LOVES them. Don't leave them were he can reach or he'll steal them.

Doesn't Ke-ke look so pretty in this picture. But don't tell her that her brother's said that!!! She was just sitting in a chair on the deck after enjoying her plum when Mommy snapped this pic.

We've spent a great deal of time splashing around in our kiddie pool. This is a good way to stay cool on days were Mommy and Daddy say we can't go to the lake. Here are a few pics of us from last night (monday the 17th) Note that Aiden has his hand in the air..he's saying Touch down here!

The lake is our favorite place to cool off! At the start of the summer, Kylie was the only one of us that wanted to swim be honest I was a little scared. Aiden liked it ok, as long as he was clutched to mommy or daddy. But with in a few times of going we all LOVED it and jump right in. Mommy says we've all become regular little fish. I think what she means is that we've all taken to swimming and are gettin braver and trying things on our own. Here are some pics from our trip to the lake on saturday (the 15th)

To bad this picture of Kylie swimming isn't a little clearer. Mommy said it's because Ky was moving while Momma was trying to take it! Silly Mommy of corse she was moving, that's the point of swimming.

Aiden is like a fish out of water...he tries to run to the water, and jump right in with out any help.

Here we all our.... the swimming family!!!!!!!

The Sprinkler has been a real fun way to cool off, it combines our two favorite things, running and water. Here are some pics from us running through the sprinkler on Sunday (the 16th) night

Kylie and I thought we might as well wash our bellies while we were at it!!!!

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