Sunday, August 23, 2009

Swimming and Veggie picking!!

We had another great summer weekend. Saturday Mommy and Daddy told us we were going to visit with Nana and Papa, and that since they lived on the same road we were also going to visit with Nanny and Grandpa who are Daddy's grandparents and go for a swim in their big pool. Kylie and I remembered the pool from last year so we were excited. Even though last year I hated it. Aiden however was to little to remember so he had no idea what this big pool looked like, but he was excited none the less as he LOVES to swim. We got there and said our hello's and got in our suits. Nana and Papa met us there because they wanted to see us swim too. Mommy had bought us all arm muscles and told us it would help us stay above the water and swim. We all did GREAT! Even Aiden swam with only his arm floats. It was so much fun we keep asking Mommy and Daddy when we can go again! Here are some pics from the day.

Look!!! Collin trying to swim underwater!

Kylie really picked up swimming by herself fast!

We had sooo much fun swimming at Nanny and Grandpa's pool! But after a few hours it was time to get going and head up to Nana and Papa's house. Not that we had far to go! So we got changed and walked up the road. Papa has been working hard all summer to grow a garden were he planted fresh tomato's, greenbeans, eggplant, broccoli and other yummy veggies. Papa let us pick some. We especially loved picking the tomatos!

There is nothing Kylie LOVES more than Papa's cherry tomato's!

After all that hard work of picking veggies, which mommy told us is called harvesting we decided that it was time for a breaks, and decided the best place for that was on Nana and Papa's porch swing!!!!!!!

Weeeeeee! We love to swing on Nana and Papa's porch swing!!!!!

Mmmmm, my Papa sure does grow yummy tomato's! I'm glad I got to come and pick some!!!!!

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