Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Patriots and Firetrucks

Hi everyone, it's me Aiden! I just noticed that it's been a VERY long time since my brother or sister updated you all on the "Woodruff clan". They said to tell you that it's because Collin has been busy with school, and they have BOTH been busy with soccer. Which I suppose is true. Anyway over the past few weeks 2 very exciting things happend. Well exciting to me anyway. The first was a few weeks ago (back in the end of Sept), the Woodruff's went to our Holy Grail....Gillette Stadium. Home of our beloved Patriots!

While we were there we got to see the actual field the Patriots play on, and play around on a piece of turf like the patriots play on. It was so cool.

After we played around on the turf, we got to go into the "Hall at Patriots Place."
It's basically a hall of fame for the Patriots. I was in my Glory getting to touch and play with all Tom's things. Although I will admit I was a tad bummed out when I asked the lady if Tom Brady was there for real and she told me no he was on a plane to New York. Even still, he must have known we were coming because he left his uniform there and the nice people said we could try it on...Here is Collin with Tom's helmet, pads and Jersey!Shane-shane tried on Faulks' Helmet!!! It was kinda big on him.Here I am with #12's Helmet. How cool do I look? Sign me up now mom, I'm gonna play some football!Of corse Daddy couldn't be left out, and he tried on Tom's gear too! Look how BIG all those players are...these are ACTUAL size mannequins of the patriots in a huddle. It was so cool, cause when you walk into the huddle you get to hear Brady making some play calls!Here is Kylie, Daddy, and Collin sitting on the patriots sideline bench!

Here is me and Daddy with 1 of the 3 superbowl trophy's that the patriots have won. You may notice there aren't many pics of me, but that's because I kept telling Mommy to leave me alone and no pics because I was to busy looking at everything.

The second thing that has happend that was SO exciting to me, is that last weekend (oct. 9)
I got to go to the Firestation. It was my most bestest day ever...and I told mommy that!
I really really want to be a fire fighter when I grow up so I was so excited when I heard that we were going to the firestation to see my firetrucks. Mommy said it was an open house and we all thought we were just gonna be able to LOOK at the trucks which I was very excited about. But boy did I get a surprise when we got there. My buddy fireman Troy said I could try them ALL out. I got to sit in EVERY truck, and even try on equipment. It was GREAT. I stayed there for 2 hours. I would have stayed even longer but Mommy said we had to go....Here are some pics from my visit to the fire station.

Here I am trying on my buddy Troy's boots, pants and Helmet. I know they are big now, but pretty soon they will fit right?

Collin tried on the helmet too, but he wasn't nearly as excited seeing he wants to be a police man when he grows up NOT a fireman....whatever!

There sure are alot of buttons on this truck!

See I even got to DRIVE!!!!

I let Collin have a turn too!

Hmmm, maybe if I shut the door and hide they won't find me and I can stay all day!

We even got to play in the ambulance.

Kylie got to pretend to be the patient and I had gloves to be the EMT!

I don't know who these other girls are, but we had fun playing with them in the ambulance. I think their Daddy's are firefighters though!
Collin got to "drive" the ambulance

Next it was Kylie's turn to be the nurse, and some one else was her helper and the patient.

So, that is what us Woodruff kids have been up to!