Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

HO-ho-ho! We hope that Santa was as good to all of you as he was to all of us. We were so excited on Christmas eve. Mommy and Daddy dressed Shane up like a little Santa. Mommy said that it was mine when I was Shane's age. I wonder if I looked as cute in it as he did?

Anyway, Christmas eve we left out Cookies and Eggnog for Santa. And put Carrots and water on our deck for his reindeer. Then we all snuggled together while Mommy ready "twas the night before Christmas" and Daddy read the story of Jesus's birth out of the bible to us. Christmas is after all about Jesus being born! In fact, as is tradition Mommy made a cake for 'may' notice that the cake doesn't look perfect. In all fairness to Mommy it did start of perfect!

Those marks on it where the frosting is missing is from Shane. He some how OPENED the fridge and well decided that the candycane in his and wasn't "sweet" enough and needed some frosting. LOL. I have to admit that I could Hardly sleep Christmas eve. I am CERTAIN that I heard Santa's jingle bells and even him come in to check if I was sleeping. Of corse being the smart guy that I am I quickly pretending to go to sleep so he wouldn't leave. It must have worked cause when we got up Christmas morning there were LOTS of presents under the tree from Santa...AND after checking if the reindeer had eaten their carrots I was 100% sure it was his bells I heard because.......

laying right there next to the bowl of water and the plate of Carrots was a BELL. Now that bell DEFINATLY wasn't there when we put the carrots out. Can you believe that Santa lost a bell at our house? Mommy said we will have to hold on to it till next year.... While Mommy and Daddy got their coffee we could hardly wait to open our presents.

Shane however DID enjoy playing with Santa's bell while he waited.

Finally it was time to open gifts. We all got so many great presents! I got some video games, a bumble bee (transformer) mask, Bakugan.....

Santa brought Kylie lots of girl stuff like a Lalaloopsy, barbies, and Dance Lessons. Yup Kylie is FINALLY gone get to take Ballet lessons! It's what she really asked for and was so sure Santa would be able to do it.

Aiden got lots of firetrucks and firetruck stuff since he LOVES them and wants to be a fire man when he grows up. He also got lots of Ironman things. One of his other favorites.
but I think one of the favorite toys that santa brought was the sid the science kid micro-phone. Here is Aiden and Shane checking it out. Santa must be a pretty smart guy, cause he brought Shane some Elmo toys. Incase you don't know Shane LOVES elmoHere is Aiden trying on his Ironman Mask...

and Kylie is excited about her new Ponyville set.

Oh my....what is this?
My BAKUGAN...It's awesome and HUGE!

Shane REALLy likes this rock and roll truck Santa brought him
Aiden even got a remote control firetruck!

See, I told you Shane loves Elmo!

Santa brought Aiden a really, real guitar. He loves it and couldn't wait to open it!

After we were all done opening our gifts and had a quick breakfast. Our traditional Banana Bread. We got dressed and headed over to Memere's and Pepere's where Carolanne, Auntie Rose, and Uncle Justin were also waiting for us. Before we did anything Memere wanted a picture of ALL her grandkids...let's just say its REALLY hard to get all 5 of us looking and smiling at the same time. This was the best shot...

Next it was PRESENT TIME!!!!

Pepere really liked watching Shane open his gifts

I got the COOLEST nerf gun. Even Uncle Justin thought it was really neat.

Hmmm, I wonder what is in this box?

A TEA SET!!!! Kylie was SO excited. It's a really real teaset. I think Kylie would have had a teaparty right then and there if Mommy let her.

Here is my FAVORITE big cousin Carolanne opening up some presents.

Shane got LOTS of snuggle time in with Uncle Justin.

A PILLOW PET! Kylie has always wanted one and was so excited to get one. Thanks Memere and Pepere

Aiden always looks so serious, but he had a great time too, and got lots of nice things
Isn't our baby brother Shane the cutest?

Here I am!
Memere and Pepere got Carolanne and Kylie Cheerleader outfits and Pom-poms here is Carolanne putting hers on Memere and giving her pink hair. She looks so silly.

Then we thought it would be silly to give Pepere a pom-pom butt!
Uh-oh Shane NO touching!

A women Pepere works with gave us all presents. Well she heard how much Kylie likes girly things and gave her this. She looks so cute.

After we were done at Memere and Pepere's house we had to move on to Nana and Papa's house where we were gonn have dinner! While the grownups where cleaning up from dinner we got to play with our cousins. Here is Shane rocking in a rocking chair

and Skyler was pretending a straw is a flute.

Papa brought down some silly elf hats for us all to wear


Here is Skyler trying hers on

Aiden looked pretty silly in his

and if you thought getting 5 kids to all look and smile at the same time, try getting all 6 of us to look. again, this is the best one mommy could get.

Kylie put her hat on our great-grandpa (whom we call Grandpa). He looks awefully silly!

Can you believe there were even presents for us to open at Nana and Papa's. Mommy and Daddy gave Auntie Missy a picture of Hermie the Elf from Rudolph. I'm not really sure why but Mommy said it's been a joke for years and that Hermie gifts keep going back and forth. I don't get it, but Auntie Missy Sure thought it was funny!

Shane got a little toy that you can hammer. Don't worry though it's not a real hammer, just a toy.
and Kylie got a barbie. Actually LOTS of barbies.

Here are my cousin's Skyler and Kaydence! They LOVE when Mommy takes their pictures.

Wow, Aiden sure looks excited about something, I wonder what he got....

OHHHH and electric drum set. He is sure to LOVE this! He loves music
After we were all done opening gifts..which there were a TON of, it was time for dessert.

Auntie Missy got caught eating some icecream cake...I wonder if our new baby cousin in her belly liked it?

Shane got VERY messy eating his gingerbread cookie that Mommy made.

Aiden thought there were to many people so he went in the other room for a while to play by himself.

Nanny, Grandpa and Papa sure seemed to enjoy watching all us kids play!
After a very long day, it was time to go home and go to bed...we sure had a busy day. The next day Mommy had to go to the store to get some more of those 3 draws stackable draws to put all our new toys in so everything could be organized. While she was out she decided to get Kylie the outfit Kylie needs for Ballet. Kylie couldn't wait to try it on.

After Kylie tried her dance stuff on Mommy started putting toys away......

AND THIS ladies and Gentlemen is why it took Mommy 3 days to get things UNBOXEd and put away. We figured it out and by the time we got home Christmas night there was just shy of 200 gifts under our tree. 197 to be exact! And some say we are spoiled. LOL!
Well, that's our Christmas. We hope you ALL had a very good Christmas like we did and wish ALL of you a very Blessed New Year!