Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Birthday to......

ME, and Aiden too!

This past weekend was Aiden and I's Birthday party. Actually, Saturday was my really real Birthday. I turned 5! How cool is that? Aiden's real Birthday wasn't until wed (the 26th) and he is now 3! So mommy invited our cousins and our friends over for some cake and icecream . Here are our friends Riley and Spencer waiting for us to start the party!
Finally time to sing Happy Birthday, I thought since Aiden is littler I would let him go first!

His Cake was a FIRETRUCK!!!! Mommy did a good job on it, it looked SO COOL!

YEAH!!! Aiden blew out his Candles!!!!!!

Shane waited patiently as Mommy got MY cake ready,

so did everyone else, although Memere "might" have encourgaged us to all bump our fists on the table and says "WE WANT CAKE"

Finally! It was time to sing Happy Birthday to me!

After everyone sang to me I blew out my candles, After all I AM 5 and blowing out candles is EASY for me!

I was so excited about how Pretty my cake looked!

I mean who wouldn't want a Barbie princess cake?!?!
Then it was time to eat cake. My cake was STRAWBERRY, and Aiden's was RedVelvet!

Shane wasted no time and dug right in!

Looks like Memere, Spencer and Aiden enjoyed THEIR pieces!
So did Riley and I!
Skyler, Kaydence and Collin dug right in to theirs!

Next it was time for PRESENTS!!!!! Ohhh, Littlest Pet Shops from Nana and Papa!
Aiden was up next! A FIRE TRUCK from Uncle Rick and Auntie Jocelyn!
Hmmm, this one is from Memere. I wonder what it is!

A Jewlery Box!!! So pretty!

Here is Aiden's present from Grandpa,
it was a really cute outfit that Nanny had picked up for him before she went to heaven!

My turn again! This time it was from the Baker family. Lots of fun stuff, but best of all a book with a beautiful ballet slipper necklace!

Aiden got the COOLEST Toy Story toys from Nana and Papa
and Puzzles and other fun things from the Bakers!

It was such a fun party!!!! After everyone went home Mommy made a yummy Burrito dinner then they gave us our presents from them. I got a movie. The Princess Frog and Aiden got the Joker house!!!! As you can see ALL the boys thought it was neat!
Here I am playing with my walking Fur Real Kitty that Nana and Papa gave me. It was so neat!!!

Our Party was so fun, I think I'm really gonna like being FIVE!