Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mommy's Day Off!!!!

Your eyes aren't playing tricks on you, I really got a day off! Thanks to my most awesome Best Friend Beth! She picked me up and we headed out to Nails 2000 in Gardner for Mani's and Pedi's and just a fun girls day out with NO kids! We left the two Matt's (Woodruff and McNally) home to hold up the fort and to take care of the kids. Here we are sitting in nice massage chairs while we soak our feet in nice warm water....already loving it!

Ahhh, now for the part we had been waiting for, getting our Pedi's..Oh it was just so relaxing!!!

After our tooties were done getting soaked, rubbed, scrubbed, and painted it was on to Mani's!

Here is Beth, getting her nails done..they turned out so nice!

Here I am getting my nails done!

Here I am with my hand under the nail dryer thing.

We both chose to go with just a clear coat on our nails... How ever, we did decide to shake things up a little and get some color on our toes....

Don't our tootsie's look gorgeous? Beth Chose a nice puple color and I went for RED! Thanks to Beth, I'm gonna have the prettiest toes on the L&D floor. That is if baby boy ever comes out! LOL! After our Mani's and Pedi's we headed out to Michaels craft store and browesed around..then it was a pit stop to Tori's for some Burrito's to bring home to the guys who were holding up the fort. We arrived home to happy kids, and all was well! It was an awesome relaxing day..just the girls! Thanks Beth you rock!!!!! Now back to being Mommy!

Friday, October 16, 2009

It's SNOWING!!!!!

Guess what!?!? When we woke up this morning it was SNOWING!!!! Yup that's right, snow on October 15th! We were all so excited, we could hardly wait to get out there and play in it! So Mommy gave us breakfast, bundled us up and off we went to play in the snow. Kylie and I were so excited to show Aiden all about it. I know it's not his first winter, but he didn't remember snow from last year so this was very exciting for all of us! Here are some pictures that Mommy took of us playing in the snow!
Kylie was the first one to make a snow ball!!!!! Oh it's so exciting!

Aiden had fun running in the snow!!!!

the he fell down... and then said "Uh-oh, SNOW"

Kylie tried to make a snow ball to throw at me........

but Ha,ha,ha....I threw a snow ball at Kylie! A very small snow ball, but snow just the same!

Kylie and I tried to make snow angels. Mommy said that she didn't think there was a enough snow to make them, but we gave it a try anyway....guess what she was right. But don't tell her that!

We had sooooo much fun playing out in the snow. We can't wait for it to stay for good. I just don't understand why Mommy and Daddy don't like the snow! Besides, what's better than playing in the snow, then coming in the house and warming up with a nice cup of Hot Chocolate?!

Monday, October 12, 2009

A Halloween Party! and Daddy's 30th birthday

Saturday October 10th we were invited to a Halloween party at the Baker house. We had known about it FOREVER, so when the day finally arrived we were so excited. We all got to wear our costumes, and had a yummy lunch and Halloween snacks, and played fun games!
Here I am! Don't be fooled by the Batman costume, it's really just me Collin. Although everyone thought it was the really real batman at first!
"Princess" Kylie and her best friend Riley the Ninja turtle!

Aiden and his best buddy Spencer. Who knew that a turtle and a lion would get along so well. LOL!

Here we are going on our Halloween Parade walk! Guess what, we even found some hidden treats along the way!

Here are all the kids while we were on our "Halloween Parade" Don't we look great!

(L -R) Spencer (Ninja Turtle) Collin (Batman), Aiden (Lion) Kylie ( Cinderella) Alexis (soccer player) Riley (Ninja Turtle) Alanna (princess)

We had such a great time! Thank you so much to Riley and Spencers' Mommy and Daddy for having us over!!!!

Sunday Mommy threw Daddy a Birthday Party to celebrate turning 30! Daddy only wanted people over for the Patriots game, so Mommy made some yummy food and had a few people over to help us celebrate with us. She decided to do it now since our baby brother is suppose to come real close to daddy's real birthday!

Here's a picture of the cake that Mommy made for Daddy. Isn't it neat! It was a chocolate cake with peanutbutter chips in it, and peanut butter frosting..and then covered in fondant...the whole thing was edible, even the up rights!!!!!! Mommy was so proud of herself and said that she wasn't the ace of cakes, but still thought it came out good. We agree. Unfortunatly mommy was so busy running around she never took any other pics other than of the cake!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Apple picking!!!!!

A few weeks ago....September 25th to be exact, we went Apple picking at Shalon Orchards in Leominster. We invited Auntie Jocelyn and Uncle Rick to come along with us, and had a great time! We had been wanting to go pick apples for a while, so when Mommy and Daddy told us we were going we were all thrilled. We got there and immediatly wanted to get in line for the Hay Ride. Here's Aiden waiting for his turn.
Here we are on the Hay Ride! We were so excited for our turn. Although Aiden didn't really know what to expect! After the hay ride we didn't waste any time and went right to the trees to pick some apples!

Kylie kept saying "you twist then you pull" every time she would pick an apple!

Daddy lifted Aiden way up high to get an apple!

Auntie Jocelyn showed us how to use and Apple picker to get the apples way up high!

Apple picking made Kylie hungry, so she ate an apple while she picked..

Aiden LOVED eating apples fresh off the tree! He was so proud!

Mmmm, this was such a yummy Apple!!!!!

I think I choose this ONE!

Mommy's 3 little pumpkins with their pumpkins!!!! LOL, I love Aiden's face that is his saying "Cheese" face!

After we took this picture we realized it will probably be the last picture of us as a family of 5!!!!!