Friday, October 9, 2009

Apple picking!!!!!

A few weeks ago....September 25th to be exact, we went Apple picking at Shalon Orchards in Leominster. We invited Auntie Jocelyn and Uncle Rick to come along with us, and had a great time! We had been wanting to go pick apples for a while, so when Mommy and Daddy told us we were going we were all thrilled. We got there and immediatly wanted to get in line for the Hay Ride. Here's Aiden waiting for his turn.
Here we are on the Hay Ride! We were so excited for our turn. Although Aiden didn't really know what to expect! After the hay ride we didn't waste any time and went right to the trees to pick some apples!

Kylie kept saying "you twist then you pull" every time she would pick an apple!

Daddy lifted Aiden way up high to get an apple!

Auntie Jocelyn showed us how to use and Apple picker to get the apples way up high!

Apple picking made Kylie hungry, so she ate an apple while she picked..

Aiden LOVED eating apples fresh off the tree! He was so proud!

Mmmm, this was such a yummy Apple!!!!!

I think I choose this ONE!

Mommy's 3 little pumpkins with their pumpkins!!!! LOL, I love Aiden's face that is his saying "Cheese" face!

After we took this picture we realized it will probably be the last picture of us as a family of 5!!!!!

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