Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mommy's Day Off!!!!

Your eyes aren't playing tricks on you, I really got a day off! Thanks to my most awesome Best Friend Beth! She picked me up and we headed out to Nails 2000 in Gardner for Mani's and Pedi's and just a fun girls day out with NO kids! We left the two Matt's (Woodruff and McNally) home to hold up the fort and to take care of the kids. Here we are sitting in nice massage chairs while we soak our feet in nice warm water....already loving it!

Ahhh, now for the part we had been waiting for, getting our Pedi's..Oh it was just so relaxing!!!

After our tooties were done getting soaked, rubbed, scrubbed, and painted it was on to Mani's!

Here is Beth, getting her nails done..they turned out so nice!

Here I am getting my nails done!

Here I am with my hand under the nail dryer thing.

We both chose to go with just a clear coat on our nails... How ever, we did decide to shake things up a little and get some color on our toes....

Don't our tootsie's look gorgeous? Beth Chose a nice puple color and I went for RED! Thanks to Beth, I'm gonna have the prettiest toes on the L&D floor. That is if baby boy ever comes out! LOL! After our Mani's and Pedi's we headed out to Michaels craft store and browesed around..then it was a pit stop to Tori's for some Burrito's to bring home to the guys who were holding up the fort. We arrived home to happy kids, and all was well! It was an awesome relaxing day..just the girls! Thanks Beth you rock!!!!! Now back to being Mommy!

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