Monday, October 12, 2009

A Halloween Party! and Daddy's 30th birthday

Saturday October 10th we were invited to a Halloween party at the Baker house. We had known about it FOREVER, so when the day finally arrived we were so excited. We all got to wear our costumes, and had a yummy lunch and Halloween snacks, and played fun games!
Here I am! Don't be fooled by the Batman costume, it's really just me Collin. Although everyone thought it was the really real batman at first!
"Princess" Kylie and her best friend Riley the Ninja turtle!

Aiden and his best buddy Spencer. Who knew that a turtle and a lion would get along so well. LOL!

Here we are going on our Halloween Parade walk! Guess what, we even found some hidden treats along the way!

Here are all the kids while we were on our "Halloween Parade" Don't we look great!

(L -R) Spencer (Ninja Turtle) Collin (Batman), Aiden (Lion) Kylie ( Cinderella) Alexis (soccer player) Riley (Ninja Turtle) Alanna (princess)

We had such a great time! Thank you so much to Riley and Spencers' Mommy and Daddy for having us over!!!!

Sunday Mommy threw Daddy a Birthday Party to celebrate turning 30! Daddy only wanted people over for the Patriots game, so Mommy made some yummy food and had a few people over to help us celebrate with us. She decided to do it now since our baby brother is suppose to come real close to daddy's real birthday!

Here's a picture of the cake that Mommy made for Daddy. Isn't it neat! It was a chocolate cake with peanutbutter chips in it, and peanut butter frosting..and then covered in fondant...the whole thing was edible, even the up rights!!!!!! Mommy was so proud of herself and said that she wasn't the ace of cakes, but still thought it came out good. We agree. Unfortunatly mommy was so busy running around she never took any other pics other than of the cake!

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