Friday, October 16, 2009

It's SNOWING!!!!!

Guess what!?!? When we woke up this morning it was SNOWING!!!! Yup that's right, snow on October 15th! We were all so excited, we could hardly wait to get out there and play in it! So Mommy gave us breakfast, bundled us up and off we went to play in the snow. Kylie and I were so excited to show Aiden all about it. I know it's not his first winter, but he didn't remember snow from last year so this was very exciting for all of us! Here are some pictures that Mommy took of us playing in the snow!
Kylie was the first one to make a snow ball!!!!! Oh it's so exciting!

Aiden had fun running in the snow!!!!

the he fell down... and then said "Uh-oh, SNOW"

Kylie tried to make a snow ball to throw at me........

but Ha,ha,ha....I threw a snow ball at Kylie! A very small snow ball, but snow just the same!

Kylie and I tried to make snow angels. Mommy said that she didn't think there was a enough snow to make them, but we gave it a try anyway....guess what she was right. But don't tell her that!

We had sooooo much fun playing out in the snow. We can't wait for it to stay for good. I just don't understand why Mommy and Daddy don't like the snow! Besides, what's better than playing in the snow, then coming in the house and warming up with a nice cup of Hot Chocolate?!

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