Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Girls Weekend to Maine!

This weekend Memere treated Mommy, Auntie Rose, Carolanne, and myself (and her of corse) to a girls weekend in Ogunquit Maine. Oh and since Mommy is still nursing Shane we took him too. We had such a wonderful time at the beach and shopping. Here are the pictures from our great weekend away!

Shane found the beach so relaxing he fell asleep.

We made Auntie Rosie race up from the water up to Memere...On your mark, get set GO!!!!!

Shane LOVED digging in the sand

and I had a great time building a sand castle. I am a princess after all, so I needed a castle!

Carolanne loved the feeling of her toes burried under the water and the sand!

After several hours at the beach Mommy, Memere and Auntie Rose decided that it was probably time to head to the hotel. Once we got there and all settled in I could hardly wait to get my swimsuit on and hit the pool. I am an AWESOME swimmer and wasn't afraid at all. Carolanne was pretty nervous, but soon found her brave bones and gave it a try with Auntie Rose's help.

Here I am getting ready to take off and swim. I love swimming all by myself.

Here I am with Mommy and Shane in the pool. Shane LOVED the water. I wonder if he'll be a good swimmer like me?!!!!

So while I was swimming around I noticed Mommy floating on her back. I thought it looked pretty cool and wanted to learn how to do it...turns out I could!

We even got to try out the hot tub! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh So relaxing. I think we should get one of these at home!
After Swimming we went back to our room, got changed and headed out to dinner

After that it was back to our room and straight to bed, which was fine with all of us since we were all exhausted from such a great day. We were up bright and early the next morning (5:30 AM) and hung around the hotel for a little bit. Then got showered and ready for the day. We went to....... for breakfast. It was so yummy!

After breakfast we went back to our room packed up our stuff and got ready for a day of shopping. A girl can't have a girls weekend with out SHOPPING! Here is what our room looked like!

Our first stop on the Shopping spree was to Perkins Cove. I had never been. It was so pretty with lots of neat little shops.

here is Shane and I on the Pier at Perkins Cove!

After some shopping in Perkins Cove we went for a beautiful walk on the Marginal Way. It was so nice and Mommy got some great pictures of us there. Here are some of them....
Carolanne LOVED throwing rocks into the ocean. I think she would have spent the whole day doing it if they had let her!

There was the neatest tree on the marginal way that we had to stop and take some pictures on.

Here's a picture of Mommy in the tree...Next was a shopping trip on the Main St. of Ogunquit, and of corse a stop at the Harbor Candy Shop!!!

After a busy day of shopping it was time to start heading home. We sure did have an amazing trip. Thank you so much Memere for the great time. We love you!