Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A VERY long over due update!!!!!!

WOW!! It's been so long since we have updated our blog, and there is a VERY good reason for it. You know that cord that goes from Mommy's camera to the computer? I think Mommy called it a transfer cord. Well Aiden decided it was too long a few months back and well let's just say he shortened it for her. YUP cut it right in half. Boy Mommy was not happy. Anyway this mishap has caused all of the pics Mommy has taken to be STUCK in the camera. She just got a new cord and we are ready to roll.....So what have we been up to you may ask well let's go back to April where we left off. We had an AWESOME Easter and would you know the Easter bunny came to us. Here is what we looked like All dressed for Easter! May brought some new changes to our house too. Like Shane is now in a toddler bed!!! He had learned how to climb out of his crib so even though Mommy didn't WANT to she felt that she needed to convert Shane's crib so he couldn't get hurt..So at 18 months old Shane got a "big boy bed"And Kylie lost her FIRST TOOTH!!! it was very exciting for her. She would like me to share with you that the toothfairy brought her TEN whole dollars. Mommy thinks the tooth fairy must have forgotten to go to the bank and break down some bills. I think she must have gotten that much because Kylie is a VERY good tooth brusher.... That brings us to June, and really other than me finnishing up my first year of school (Which I will tell you about in a few days) Only 1 big thing happend here.....Aiden got a hair cut. Now he's had little trims here and there but NEVER a real bigboy hair cut.
Here he is just before Daddy starts.....And HERE is the finnished product. Doesn't he look SO grown up!

Well that's really all the MAJOR things. I'll be back in a few days to tell you all about how school ended for me, but for now here are our MOST RECENT pics!

Here's me, Collin. 6 years 7months old, after some water play at Papa's!Kylie 5 years 5 months playing on some swings!Aiden 3 years 5 months old with a icecream face
Shane 19 months old enjoying a nice ice cream cone~