Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Daddy had to work a bit on Christmas eve, but luckily he was home around 7:30 so he arrived just in time to help us get ready for Santa. First we put out Carrots and water for the Reindeer, and then we picked out some cookies that Mommy had baked and left them on a plate. We also thought that since it was so cold out that we would leave Santa a nice cup of Hot Cocoa to warm him up a bit when he got to our house. Mommy helped us write a letter to santa as well. Then we all got in our Jammies and got ready for bed! We all thought that Shane looked SO CUTE all dressed up in his Santa Jammies and Cap! He looks especially cute with the cup of cocoa and cookies!
After we put out Cocoa and cookies for Santa, Daddy snuggled on the couch with us and read us the store (from the bible) of the Birth of Jesus. This, along with singing Happy Birthday to Jesus has become a family tradition..after all it IS what CHRISTmas is all about! Dad read out of a Bible that was given to him from his Grandpa Woodruff...and that bible was given to Grandpa. Daddy said it is an old bible and that one day he will give it to one of us.

This is the wonderful sight we woke up to Christmas Morning! Santa had really come, and had left lots of presents. We were all...well Kylie, Aiden and I were so excited. We all squealed in delight. Kylie was so excited she didn't know what to do with herself and said to Daddy " I need to hug you" I have to admit that was pretty cute! We couldn't wait to dive in and see what Santa had brought us. But Mommy said that we had to wait a minuet while she fixed herself and Daddy a cup of Coffee, and we had to open presents one at a time so we could all see what Santa had brough everyone. He was very good to us as you'll see in the pictures.

Here we are checking to see if santa ALSO left stuff in our stockings, guess what....HE DID!!!!

It's a good thing Santa put Aiden's Guitar in the back of the tree so he would open it last or he might not have ever opened any thing else up! He plays with it all the time!
Kylie was so excited about her bike she couldn't wait to try it out!!

Here is what it looked like under our tree After we opend all the presents from Santa!

After we opend all our presents from Santa, and had sang Happy Birthday to Jesus, and ate our Coffee cake we got ourselves ready to head to Nana and Papa's to spend a few hours with them and celebrate Christmas with them, as well as Nanny and Grandpa, Auntie Missy, Uncle Mike, Skyler and Kaydence. We had such a great time and got lots of great gifts.
Grandpa had a great time watching us open gifts.

Nanny and Auntie Missy watch as we all unwrap gifts!

Kaydence played with the present we gave her while Uncle Mike helps Skyler with her'

Next we went to Memere and Pepere's house were we spent the rest of Christmas opening presents and eating Yummy food that Pepere had made. In case your wondering (Lots of people have asked us) Pepere made Stuffed shells 3 kinds, Cheese, Meat, and Cheese and Spinach. He also made a turkey with his very yummy stuffing, carrots, turnip, and potato's. Mmmm it was so good. Auntie Rosie, Uncle Justin and Carolanne were there celebrating with us. It was such a great day. Here are some pictures from Christmas at the "Bissonnette's"

NO......I was NOT drinking wine. Pepere had bought sparkling grape juice for Mommy because she is nursing Shane and won't drink, so Mommy gave me some. Pepere gave me a grown up cup to drink it out of since I'm so grown up now.

Here's Kylie dancing on Pepere's feet. Mommy said she uses to dance with Pepere like that when she was little. Here are all the things that we got on Christmas. As you can see we got very spoiled. In the first pic on the Left Mommy had to stand in the kitchen to get all the gifts in, and on the 2nd picture on the right Mommy was standing on the stairs, oh and in that pic the pile of white boxes under the window are two deep, and those are the clothes that we got. We made out pretty good. Poor Mommy is still working on finding places to put all our things. OH and this pictures don't include anything Mommy and Daddy got or any of our bikes!!!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Beth, Baths, and smiles

So this weekend (December 12th & 13th)Uncle Matt and Auntie Beth came over to visit. Saturday was Uncle Matt's b-day so Mommy made a cake for him, and sunday Daddy, Uncle Matt and Uncle Rick went to the Patriots game and left me and the rest of the kids home with Mommy, Auntie Beth, and Auntie Jocelyn stopped by too. Here is a picture of Shane with his very special Auntie Beth, whom is gonna be his Godmother by the way! Mommy and Daddy asked Uncle Matt and Auntie Beth this weekend to be Shane's Godparents. Mommy says she wished she had a camera out at that moment and took a picture of Auntie Beth because she was beyond thrilled and teared up. She's such a doll.
Rub a dub dub the kids in the tub and who do you think they be? US!!!! We love when mommy lets us take baths together. We have a grand old time splashing around and making her crazy! These pictures were taken of us last night (December 14th)

Aiden thought it was hysterical that mommy was making his hair stand up!!! Wow, look how high Kylie's hair is sticking up!!!!

and here's me. I don't have nearly as much hair as Kylie and Aiden so my hair doesn't stick up as high. But what do you think, should I get a mohawk? LOL!

As you will be able to see from the next few pictures, Shane is growing really well. He's learned how to smile, and does it alot. He's also starting to coo which we all LOVE. It's so cute when he talks to us. Mommy got some great pictures of Shanes beautiful smiles last night (12/14)

So what do you think, is Shane just about the cutest thing you've ever seen in your life?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A long over due update

Well, since I felt like Collin was slacking on the keeping up with the blog, I decided to jump in and update everyone on what's been going on. As you can guess we've been pretty busy helping Mommy take care of our new baby brother Shane. Who by the way I might add is the sweetest thing in the world. He's so cute, and good. We all LOVE him and fight over who's turn it is to hold him! Anyway, we've also been pretty busy getting ready for christmas and trying to be good..which isn't always easy. We had a very nice Thanks giving. We watched the Parade in the morning with Mommy. Then got ourseleves ready and went to Nana and Papa's for dinner. After dinner we stopped at Memere and Pepere's for a visit. Here is a picture of us before leaving the house Thanksgiving morning. Notice how nice we all look! I just LOVE dressing up and being all gorgeous and it makes me happy when the boys wear their fancy clothes too!

As we were getting ready to head out to Nana and Papa's house for Thanksgiving dinner Shane was smiling at Daddy, and we finally got a picture of it. Isn't he cute!

Here is a picture of me with all my brothers and my cousin's while we were at Nana and Papa's house for thanks giving. Next to me is my cousin Skyler who is 2 days younger than me, and next to her is her sister Kaydence who is 2.

Saturday ( December 5th) evening we had a small snow storm. We got about 4 inches, so first thing Sunday morning the boys started bugging Mommy to go play in the snow. So here are some pics of them enjoying the snow. You'll notice there aren't any pics of me, that's because I was with Memere. I'll tell you more about that later. For now enjoy some snowy pictures!

Aiden is getting a head start on learning how to drive in the snow. Guess it's never to early when you live in MA! Collin was throwing the snow up in the air...this is a pretty cool pic!

Here are the boys making snow angels!

Sunday (the 6th) after dinner and a mini birthday celebration for mommy we took our baths, got in our jammies and Mommy and Daddy put on Christmas music and then we decorated our christmas tree. We were SO excited. It was such FUN! Mommy and Daddy showed up all of our ornaments and told us about them..and we even got to help put up some of mommy and Daddy's old ones too! Here are pics of us decorating our tree.

Even Shane had a few ornaments to put up. Mommy helped him a bit.

Mommy says this is the best christmas gift she's ever seen..but I still think an Easy Bake oven and some barbies would be nice too

Saturday December 5th, Memere took me and Carolanne over night for a princess party. Then sunday afternoon we all got dressed up and went and saw the nutcracker with Aunt Pauline. Unfortunatly we don't have any pictures of this event since Mommy wasn't around to take any. But I can tell you how much I loved it. The girls were so pretty and really good twirlers! Anyway, saturday while I was at Memere's the boys got to go to Nana and Papa's while Mommy, Daddy and Shane ran some errands. Mommy said Shane is to little to stay with anyone without her and that's why he got to go with them. Anyway, Papa gave us all a little early christmas gift that Nana had ordered off of one of those fund raising catalogs. It was some sugar cookie dough, but it was so cool. It was very brightly colored and looked more like playdough. It says that you can mold it any way you want and then bake it. SO on monday the 7th Mommy took the dough out and let us make our own cookies. We were all so excited about it cause she said what ever we made were our own special cookies just for are some pictures of the boys and I making our cookies.

Mommy and Daddy got in on the cookie making fun too. Here's daddy making some cookies.

Here are some of the cookies that Mommy and Daddy made together..they did a good job huh!

Here is Aiden with his cookies, aren't they colorful?!?!

Here's Collin and some of his cookies

Here is me with a few of my cookies!

LOL...Aiden was to funny playing with the cooling rack. He kept pressing it up to his face.

Today (December 8th) Collin and I were being good frineds and playing nice. Mommy thought she would take some pics of us to prove that we DO like each other and get along good.

We were pretending that I was a Princess, and Collin was my knight and we were getting married!