Thursday, July 9, 2009

Splashing around and Trophy night

So if you've been following our blog, you'll remember how we told you that Daddy was on vacation last week and how it had rained just about the entire week. Well wouldn't you know monday the sun decided to come out. It was just beautiful. So Mommy set up the kiddie pool for us to play in. We had a great time..although the pool was a little cold so we spent the majority of the time OUTSIDE of the pool and just filling up cups and splashing eachother with the water. Here are some pics. Enjoy!
You seriously want me to get in the pool? That water is freezing!

Don't get to close or I may splash you!!!!!

Here's Mommy and all us kids...Mommy is 25 weeks preggo in this pic

Thursday was a very exciting day for me....Collin. As you all know I've been playing T-ball. Well it's been done now for a few weeks, but coach Tammy sent Mommy a message saying that she wanted to do a Pizza Party and hand out trophy's. So thursday was the big day. I was so excited about it. I've been waiting for this all week. So we all met at the wreckfield/playground. I got to hang out and play with my buddy Shawn while we waited for Pizza..and then we ate and played.

After our Pizza and playing for a bit, it was the moment I've been waiting for ALL WEEK. Trophy time.

Here's me and my team mates listening to coach Tammy congratulate us on a great season, and thanks us for working so hard.
Here I am getting my trophy! I was so excited!

Me and my T-ball buddy Shawn. He's such a nice boy. We really like hang'n out together

Here are the kids that came for trophy night. Along with our coach! Not all the kids made it.

(L-R) Aidan P. Jack, Shawn, ME! and Oliva

Boy was Kylie and Aiden impressed when Mommy and I got home and they saw my trophy. T-ball was so much fun, and I'm gonna miss it. But I'm looking forward to the start of Soccer in a few weeks. Just call me an All Star! Here is a pic of my trophy. What do you think?
Here's me showing off my Trophy to my brother and sister!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Vacation week

We had a busy and exciting week here at the Woodruff house. Daddy was on vacation! Although we didn't go away Mommy and Daddy had alot of fun things planned for us. Sunday night when we went to bed Mommy and Daddy told us to go right to sleep because we had a big day with fun surprises in the morning. Sure enough first thing Monday morning we had breakfast, got dressed and loaded into the van. We had no idea were we were going, it was a long car ride which we didn't think was special until we came to a big hill on the highway (mommy says it was route 2) and coud see THE CITY! We were so excited to see Boston. Daddy said that going into Boston was just part of the fun we were gonna have. We left our car in a big garage. Daddy assured us that it would be there when we were done. We took an elevator that took us underground and there was a big train waiting for us. Mommy said that it was called the 'T'. WOW! This was definatly exciting. The T went so fast. We thought for sure this must have been what our surprise was but Daddy said there was more to come. Here we are on the T

Once we got off the 'T' and took a very short walk Mommy and Daddy said "Where here" at first we had no idea where HERE was, untill Kylie looked in the large windows and saw kids playing and thought it looked exciting so she yelled HORRAY! That's when they said "This is the Boston's Children museum. We are coming here for the day. We still didn't know what to really expect, but it sounded like fun, and baised on what we could see through the windows it looked fun too! Boy were we right! There was so much to see, touch and play with. There was a whole room of just bubble fun, another room was a kitchen with play food...oh there was so much more too! We over heard Mommy tell Daddy that each exibit had a educational value....and she loved watching us learn. But all we did was play so we don't know what she meant by learn! Here are some pics from the museum.

The museum had an exibit about learning about diversity. Here is Collin learning what it's like to be blind..and Kylie is listening to a story about a little girl who has a prostetic arm and how she still can write like you and I! Wouldn't it be nice if someday we see WOODRUFF on the back of a sox shirt. Don't tell Kylie but she's got the best arm out of all of us, and she's a lefty..maybe she will be the first girl to play the majors. But she might look funny pitching in a ball gown and a tiara. After the museum we walked down to faniel hall, and then down to the pier to see the sail boats. Collin was sure that he saw a pirate ship, but we weren't so sure...but he is our big brother so he just might have been right. While we were at the pier the waves started to come in and we stood right were they were breaking and Mommy, Collin and Kylie were splashing in the water and letting it hit our legs. Daddy and Aiden, and everyone else on the pier watched on like we were all crazy, but hey we were having fun! We would have pictures of it, if it wasn't for that the battery on mommy's camera died. Next time Mommy will have to remember to charge her camera before we leave. After that it was time to get back on the T and make our way back home. We all thought the City was a nice place to visit and can't wait to go back again..but were all happy to get back home to Hubbardston.

Tuesday Mommy had her Dr's appointment to check on how our baby is growing. We all went with her and got to hear the baby's heartbeat. We couldn't believe how fast it sounded. Dr. Dombek told us that everything looked good and that he would see us again next time. Before heading off to the Dr's Mommy said that her cousin Nicole from Canada was here with her twin girls Taylor and Mogan. We had NO idea what she meant by twins. We know what triplets are because of our cousins Jack, Addie, and Jordan..but didn't know what twins were, never the less that we had Twin cousins. Although come to think of it people ask Mommy all the time if we are twins..Kylie and Collin that is! Anyway..they were staying with Matante Ellen for a few days before heading down to Georgia so Mommy thought we should go and visit. When we got to Matante's house the grown ups thought it a good idea that we we had just go there so we didn't understand why we were leaving already. We got in the car and low and behold ended up at the Park. Mommy said it was called Doyle field. We had a grand old time swinging, climbing and just playing with the girls. Especially Kylie who loved both girls, but especially Taylor. Collin and Morgan hit it off great too! We were so sad when we had to leave, but Mommy said that Taylor and Morgan would be back in town in a few weeks and we would make sure we see them again then!

Collin and Morgan Kylie and Taylor

Kylie, Morgan, and Taylor (in that order) Mommy (24 weeks preggo), Aiden and Cousin Nicole

Back row (l-r)Taylor, Nicole, Mommy, Aiden,Daddy
front Row (l-r) Kylie, Morgan, Collin!
We had so much fun and can't wait to see them when they stop on
their way back home

Wednessday was rainy, so daddy thought it would be a good day to go and see a movie since they boys had been wanting to see Transformers. Papa had said he would watch Aiden, and Kylie had wanted to go to the movies. Well that was until she found out Aiden was going to Papa's. She decided that it would be much more fun to hang out with Papa then see transformers. So Mommy, Daddy, and Collin went to the movies while Kylie and Aiden played with Papa.

Thursday was so yucky and rainy out complete with Thunder storms, we were a little worried what that might mean for our day, but it all worked out. We played all morning and after Aiden's nap Mommy made Nacho's and we had a movie night. We watched Kung Fu Panda while we ate our Nacho's and just enjoyed being together!

Friday we spent the day running errands and afterwards headed up to a surprise 30th Birthday for our friend Matt Tellier. We were so excited to play with our friend Valerie and Autumn, unfortunatly Mommy forgot to take her camera out, so we didn't get any pictures of us and our friends.
Saturday we got up and Mommy and Daddy said that it was the fourth of July! Collin and Kylie were so excited because they remembered it from last year. Aiden had no idea what that meant but was excited because the big kids were. We ate breakfast and Mommy got us dressed and we headed out to Fitchburg to see the big Parade. You'll notice that the boys have matching outfits, and Kylie co-ordinated with us. Mommy is crazy like that, but everyone did comment how cute we all looked. Anyway, we all LOVED the Parade. Especially when we got to get the candy they were throwing. Come on now who wouldn't love that. Kylie liked all the music and bands, as did Aiden, and Collin's favorite part was the Motorcycles, cars, and big truck. He swears he saw bumble bee and Optimus Prime, but they never did transform for us so we can't be to sure. The kids watching the Parade..Kylie was marching to the music!
The boys waving to the motorcycles..Kylie could have cared less about them Look Da-da, I found Candy..MMMM!

After the Parade the we came home and Mommy and Daddy putted around the house to get things ready for the Party at our house. Although really it was just a BBQ with Uncle Rick, Auntie Jocelyn, Uncle Matt and Auntie Beth. We had such a good time. The sun was finally out and we just hung out out side. Mommy had made a VERY yummy fruit salad and also made chicken kabobs that Daddy cooked on the grill along with Chinesse sausage. Which is Collin's Favorite. Auntie Jocelyn made her famous and very yummy pasta salad and Uncle Matt and Auntie Beth brought the chips and drinks. It was a great day. To bad Mommy forgot to take out her camera until the very end of the day so we got no pics of most of the day. Here are a few pics from the end of the night of the 'guys' doing what they do!

Kylie playing catch with her uncle Rick

McNally using Collin's sheild to protect himself against Rick throwing the pool at him! Matt using the kids. LOL!
Rick wacking McNally with the pool the sheild didn't help

Sunday morning Daddy left early and went out four-wheeling but was back by 12:30, so since it was Daddy's last day of vacation and it was BEAUTIFUL out mommy and Daddy decided that we should make it special. They loaded us up in the van and took us to the beach for the afternoon. We LOVE it there. We always have so much fun swimming, digging and making sandcastles! Mommy and Daddy say the best part about it is it's up the road and it's free! We don't care about that, all we know is that we LOVE it there.

After swimming we headed home got changed up and got back in the van. We were all starving and Daddy said that since it was our last day on vacation we would finish it off right and go have some dinner! Mommy and Daddy asked us what we would like and we all thought noodles sounded good so they took us to the Olive Garden. We love it there. Our waiter was so nice and had kids of his own so he made sure he brought our bread sticks out right away so we didn't have to wait. Our food was so good, and we were all very,very well behaved. Mommy and Daddy both said they were proud of us. The nice man at the table behind us saw mommy taking pics and offered to take a pic of all of us. It's been along time since there was a picture of all 5 of us so that made Mommy very happy. We thought it turned out good. What do you think?