Thursday, July 9, 2009

Splashing around and Trophy night

So if you've been following our blog, you'll remember how we told you that Daddy was on vacation last week and how it had rained just about the entire week. Well wouldn't you know monday the sun decided to come out. It was just beautiful. So Mommy set up the kiddie pool for us to play in. We had a great time..although the pool was a little cold so we spent the majority of the time OUTSIDE of the pool and just filling up cups and splashing eachother with the water. Here are some pics. Enjoy!
You seriously want me to get in the pool? That water is freezing!

Don't get to close or I may splash you!!!!!

Here's Mommy and all us kids...Mommy is 25 weeks preggo in this pic

Thursday was a very exciting day for me....Collin. As you all know I've been playing T-ball. Well it's been done now for a few weeks, but coach Tammy sent Mommy a message saying that she wanted to do a Pizza Party and hand out trophy's. So thursday was the big day. I was so excited about it. I've been waiting for this all week. So we all met at the wreckfield/playground. I got to hang out and play with my buddy Shawn while we waited for Pizza..and then we ate and played.

After our Pizza and playing for a bit, it was the moment I've been waiting for ALL WEEK. Trophy time.

Here's me and my team mates listening to coach Tammy congratulate us on a great season, and thanks us for working so hard.
Here I am getting my trophy! I was so excited!

Me and my T-ball buddy Shawn. He's such a nice boy. We really like hang'n out together

Here are the kids that came for trophy night. Along with our coach! Not all the kids made it.

(L-R) Aidan P. Jack, Shawn, ME! and Oliva

Boy was Kylie and Aiden impressed when Mommy and I got home and they saw my trophy. T-ball was so much fun, and I'm gonna miss it. But I'm looking forward to the start of Soccer in a few weeks. Just call me an All Star! Here is a pic of my trophy. What do you think?
Here's me showing off my Trophy to my brother and sister!

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