Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat!

Last night was finally the night we've been waiting for and talking about for weeks. Well at least for Kylie and I....Aiden didn't remember it from last year, and although we practiced through out the week he didn't really get it. Of corse I'm talking about "TRICK OR TREAT". We were so excited we started asking mommy the minuet we got out of bed when we could go. We had to wait ALL DAY before it was finally time.

Here we are all ready to trick or treat! Mommy instisted on holding us up and taking some pics!
Wasn't Aiden the cutest little lion you've ever seen? He's the best kind too cause he doesn't bite!

Kylie was a very pretty snow princess, thank goodness the snow princess let us have nice weather for trick or treat, instead of snow!

I was BATMAN!!!!! Did I look Cool or What?

Here we go trick or treating!!!! We had so much are some pics of us getting some candy!

We all had SO much fun trick or treating, and got lots of candy!!! Aiden did so great and was so cute, he would walk up to the door and say "tweet." His silly way of saying treat! He was very into it! We all remembered to use our manors and say thank you afterwards! What a great night.

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