Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Our Baby is here!!!!!

I'm sure most of you have heard by now but just incase you haven't guess what? Our baby finally arrived. We are all so excited and glad to finally be able to share his name are you ready? it's SHANE THOMAS WOODRUFF!!!!!!!!!!!! What do you thinnk? We all LOVE it. Anyway, Shane was born on November 7th at 11:11 pm. He weighed in at 8lbs 3oz and was 20 1/2 inches long. Here are some pictures of our new baby brother. I hope you enjoy them. He's awefully cute!

Here's Mommy and Shane meeting for the first time. Mommy says please don't mind how she looks!

Here's Shane just about 30 minuets old on his way to the nursery to check his weight, lenght and all that fun new baby stuff!

This is Mommy's Favorite picture. It was taken about an hour after Shane was born when he was still in the nursery under the warmers. The nurse is the one who suggested it.

Sunday was vistors day for Shane! Unfortunatly for Kylie, Aiden and I the hospital said we couldn't go because of some flu, Mommy said it was the H1N1 that was going around. What ever that means...we were so bummed out, but none the less here are some of the guest that came to see Shane. Mommy said Nana, Papa, and Auntie Missy went to but Mommy forgot to take pictures. Anyway...here is Pepere! He was the first to arrive. He was so proud and excited to finally meet him, and even more over joyed when he heard his name for the first time. Especially since his middle name is Thomas after Pepere's Daddy Tom!

Uncle Matt wasted no time and scooped up Shane in a heartbeat. Boy has he come a long way.

Auntie Beth was so excited to meet Shane. She couldn't stop looking at him and crying. It was LOVE at first sight!

Memere was soooo excited to get to meet Shane, especially since she didn't get to be there to see him be born. But that's because she was busy taking GREAT care of all of us!

Here's Uncle Rick and Auntie Jocelyn with Shane.....
Finally on Monday morning when he was just 30 hours old the Dr's said that Mommy and Shane could leave the hospital.

Here's a picture of Shane all dressed up and ready to come home

Look out world! Shane is on his way HOME!!!!!!! Little did he know the crazy silly family he was coming home

You may notice there are NO pics of me holding Shane. This wasn't an oversite by mommy...I just didn't want to hold him. Don't get me wrong I LOVE him and like to look at him, but he's so little. The thought of holding him makes me a little nervous. Kylie however thinks it's HER baby. She sure is really good at hold him. Aiden couldn't wait for his turn to hold Shane either..check out Kylie's face. She wasn't happy with having to share the baby.

Here are Kylie and I showing off the shirts that Mommy made from me. You can't tell, but on the back of the shirts it says " AGAIN"

Not only was yesterday (the 9th) the day that Shane came home from the hospital, but it was also my 5th birthday! I was so surprised when Mommy and Daddy threw me a little mini party. It was just us, cake, and a few presents but it sure made me feel very special.

After we were done with my birthday celebration we had our baths and showers then Kylie and Aiden took turns snuggling with Shane. Again I was all set with holding him. Don't get me wrong. I love him...but he's just to tiny and it makes me nervous to hold him.

Kylie and Aiden wanted to help Mommy give Shane his first bath at home on tuesday (11-10). He hates to be nakes, so none of us were surprised that he wasn't to found of his bath.

After Shane's bath we all snuggled up on the couch for our first picture together!

What do you think, are we a beautiful group of kids or what?

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  1. Kerri...they are so gorgeous! I have to make sure to get out there to see you guys while I am home! Oh, so much fun! Jackson will love being in a room with four kids!! :) Hope to connect...so glad to have seen the photos of Shane...you are an amazing momma!! Yay!! Love you! Sarah