Friday, November 20, 2009

A busy week

So as you can imagine we've had a pretty busy week this past week. Getting use to our new baby and all that good stuff. Plus we've been very busy taking silly pictures of Shane. Mommy says that's part of the fun of having a new baby. Putting them in silly jammies and situations and there is nothing they can do. LOL! Here is Shane in his Froggy Jammies. How cute is that?

Kylie wanted Shane to sleep in her room in her dolls cradle, so Mommy and Daddy induldged in her and put him in there for a quick's kind of funny.
Then as if we weren't busy enough with a new baby sunday the 15th Mommy did a birthday party for me. I was so excited. It was mostly family, but Mommy also let me invite a few of my friends. My party was a soccer party. My cake was AWESOME but Mommy forgot to take a picture of it. Bummer huh! We'll cut her some slack though seeing she did this party only 8 days after my baby brother was born.

Mommy was even brave enough to do a Pinita at my party......I was so excited cause I really really wanted a soccer ball one. Here are me and my friends taking tuns....

Autumn up at "bat" she had a good hit on it!
Riley is so silly to be taking her turn while wearing a crown....

Spencer got his turn in too!

Aiden couldn't wait to have his turn...he kept saying "me, me, HIT!"

Here is Kylie taking her turn!

I gave that Soccer ball a good wack!!!!!

Nanny and Grandpa got some nice snuggle time in with Shane at my Birthday party

We also had lots of visitors over the week...Mommy forgot to take out her camera execpt for when Auntie Hanka and sweet little 5 month old Nikko came to visit us.
Along with taking silly pictures, birthday parties and visitors Mommy was also pretty busy just taking care of us, and doing all that Mommy's do. Thankfully we were lucky enough to have Memere staying with us, and they had help from us kids too!
Kylie held Shane so Mommy and Memere could get some things done...... and Aiden helped out with the Laundry!

Well, Finally after a week and a half of him being home I decided that I was ready to hold Shane. Kylie and Aiden were sooo good at it and everyone talked about how nice it is to hold a new baby I decided to give it a try, and now I'm NOT LETTING GO!!!!! I LOVE HIM! He's just so sweet and snuggly I can see why everyone is always wanting to hold him. Here are some pics Mommy took of me holding Shane for the first time on Thursday (Nov. 19th) evening!

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Here's a picture of Shane in his brand new sweater and hat that came in the mail today (11/20) from Auntie Jenna and Luke. Doesn't he look SOOOO cute in it.
As the mark of the end of a busy week Memere got us all to sit down for a minuet so we could get a picture in and remember the start of our new family.
Here it is our first picture of a family of 6. I think were a pretty good looking crew. What do you think?

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