Monday, September 21, 2009

A soccer game, baking, and ANOTHER lost tooth

Saturday was my VERY FIRST SOCCER GAME!!!!!! I was so excited, I could hardly wait.
See! I'm number 5! The Hubbardston Police Department sponser my team..and my team name is the BobCats!! GO BOBCATS!!!!!!!
Here are some pics from my very first soccer game. It sure was alot of fun!

Here I am kicking the ball to one of the girls on my team!

The ball went out of bounds so I got to throw it back into play!

Good Game everyone!!!!!

Oh, also on saturday, I lost ANOTHER tooth!!!! It happend saturday morning before my soccer game. I was just wiggling my tooth and POP out it came! Here is me with my silly new smile!!!

Sunday morning Mommy felt like baking, so she grabbed her 3 favorite helpers and got ingrediants together and we baked!!!!!!

Here we are putting butter on the pie crust to make our special treats!!!!!! I got to sprinkle some sugar on one of the pie crusts to make our "bumble bee" treatsKylie and Aiden put brown sugar the other pie crust before mommy added the molasses! To make another special has a funny french name that I don't know how to write.

After baking all morning with Mommy we helped clean up, had lunch and then got ready for the patriots game!

Here we are all ready in our Patriots shirts waiting for the game to start! Go Tom BRADY!!!!!!!


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