Sunday, August 30, 2009

A picinic with Memere

A few friday's ago (August 28th to be exact) Mommy told us that we were going to spend the day with Memere and Carolanne! Not only that, but we were going for a picinic lunch. We were so very excited. We couldn't wait for our picinic, and we really couldn't wait to see Memere..but most of all we couldn't wait to see our big cousin Carolanne. We had so much fun that day! Here are some pics that mommy took of the day!
LOL! This is the face he makes when he see's a camera, he's saying "Cheese" as I'm taking it!

Do you think I could get a pic were all 4 kids were looking and Carolanne didn't have her hand in her face? NOPE! This is as good as it got!

After our picinic at Cogshall park we all had to go potty, so we headed back to Memere's for a very quick potty break, and then we went to the Dinosaur park on Merriam ave in Leominster. Boy did we have fun. We hadn't been there since we moved to Hubbardston 2 1/2 years ago so we were very excited. We ran, climbed, slide and just had a great time!!!!!!

Weeeee, Kylie LOVES swinging!!! So did Carolanne! We sure do wish that we didn't live so far, and that we got to see our favorite cousin more often. Oh and Memere too. She's one of our favorite people in the world. We were so blessed to have such a nice fun day.

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