Tuesday, March 16, 2010

sitting up and pierced ears!

Something VERY exciting Happend to me this weekend. I got my ears pierced!!!!!!! After like a year of asking Mommy and Daddy, they finally gave in. Well Daddy that is. Mommy didn't have an issue with it. Mommy and Daddy kept telling me what to expect. They said two ladies would use a special ear piercer and say 1,2,3 and then there would be a pinch and it would probably hurt a bit. I think they are CRAZY it didn't hurt at all. I didn't even flinch! Here is the LAST picture of me with out "holes in my head" as Daddy would say.And "TA-DA" here I am with earings...you can't see them to good, but I assure you they are gorgeous!!!!! I love them.
Here is me and Mommy talking about getting my ears pierced once we got home. She got a good shot of them so you could see them!

Along with me getting me ears pierced, another exciting thing that happend this weekend is that Shane learned how to sit up ALL BY HIMSELF!!!! Isn't he smart? He's only 4 months old and already he can roll over and sit up. Mommy said that she wonders if he's gonna be an early walker like Aiden who was walking at 9 months. He's already taking after him in the being early doing things department! Here are some pics of him showing off his newest achievement.
Add Imagehe really likes his glow worm and his Dragon. Especially his dragon!!!!!

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