Monday, March 8, 2010

A haircut and some solids!!!!!!!

I can't believe we forgot to mention it, but Aiden got a big boy hair cut! He's had a trim before to get his hair out of his eyes, but this time he got his first REAL BIG BOY cut!!!! It happend while Mommy and Shane were still in the hospital, Daddy had to come home because Poor Memere was sick. So while he was home Daddy took Aiden since Mommy had planned on doing it that week anyway. Here is what Aiden looked like BEFORE his cut.........and here is Aiden after his hair cut!!! Doesn't he look so cute and grown!!!!

In other Woodruff family news...You guys are never gonna guess what....are you ready? Shane got to have some food. Now it wasn't big people food like I get to eat. It was baby cereal. Can you believe that he is finally big enough for it? At first he cried when Mommy and Daddy put him in his high chair, but as soon as Daddy gave him his first bite of food he was happy and LOVED it. Mommy couldn't get over how well he did and said that he must have been born to eat cause he knew what to do with the cereal right away. I stood by and watched incase Daddy needed my help!

After Mommy and Daddy were done feeding Shane, he still had a few more bites left so Kylie thought she would help out. She sure did a good job!!!!!
Mmmmmm that was good!!!!!
It was so nice to have our first dinner (where everyone ate) as a family of 6!!!!! I can't wait to see how Shane like Fruits and veggies. Mommy says that's a few months off so stay tuned!!!!!!!

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