Friday, March 5, 2010

A day in the life of a PRINCESS!!!!!!

It's finally my turn!!!!!!!!! It's me Kylie! I'm now 4 years and getting to be such a big girl (according to Mommy and Daddy!) I'm very very girly and LOVE being the only girl of the family. It makes me very special and the only PRINCESS!!!
I'm very brave...I had to go to the eye dr's the other day to get my eyes examined and dilated, and I didn't cry and answered all the dr's questions.

Look!!!!!! I know how to zipper my zipper now. How smart am I!
I love to play!!!! With kitchen stuff, dolls, playdough, my easy bake cooking. Although Mommy says it is really called an Easy Bake OVEN.Here is me ridding my Horse..I would really love a real one someday
I LOVE playing with Barbies...she's got the best clothes and is just so much fun
Don't forget about Ponyville, it's still one of my very favorite things in the world!

After my bath I like when Mommy wraps my hair up in a towel!!!!!! See how grown I look.

I LOVE my snuggly bathrobe. It keeps me nice and warm after my bath

Ok off to bed, even a princess needs her beauty sleep!

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