Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter prep and Dino baby

Right before Shane was born, Mommies friends from the November Newborn group...A group of women that met online when I (Collin) was in Mommies belly. Sent Mommy a package and in it was the cutest little dino outfit. Well it finally fits Shane. Here he is showing it and his sitting skill off. Check out the feet on it. HOW CUTE!!!!

Today (4/1) we got to dye some eggs. We had SO much fun coloring them and being creative!

Along with the regular old egg dying kit, Mommy also found these Q-tip things that work kinda like a paint just crack on end and Draw away..we thought these were SO COOL!

Here we are showing of our eggs!

You can't really tell from this picture, but Kylie made her egg have a face and hair! She's so girly even her egg had to be pink and "pretty"

Here's Shane and his very first Easter Egg!!!!!

After we had dinner Mommy helped us make some sugar cookies for Easter. She made the dough and rolled it out then we got to use the new cookie cutters she bought us!

Aiden really got into it, as you can see from all the flour on his shirt!

Next it was time to put sprinkles on them!

Shane was the acting supervisor!!!!!!!

After we were all done cleaning up from baking cookies we got in our Jammies and Mommy let us each have a cookie. They were so good!!!!

Since Mommy wouldn't let Shane have a cookie, he decided to eat his sock instead.......

He's such a silly boy!

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