Friday, April 9, 2010

Sunny Days, Shane, and Town Egg hunts.....


With all the excitement of Easter it's self, we forgot to tell you about the Easter Egg hunt we went on the day before Easter!!!!! The Town of Hubbardston puts on a Egg hunt every year. Mommy says it's set up really nice because the 2 + 3 year olds are on the playground which is fenced in, the 4 year olds and Kindergardners are on one part of the field and the bigger kids on yet another. Anyway. It was so much fun....but went really fast as boy were there alot of kids there and they picked up eggs FAST!!!!! Kylie and I went with Daddy on the field for 4 year olds and kindergardners, and Mommy and Aiden went to the play ground. Well, Mommy had the camera so we didn't get any pictures of US getting our eggs but here are a few of Aiden.

After the egg hunt the Easter Bunny was waiting to take pictures with him. Aiden and I wanted NOTHING to do with that. So we let Kylie and Shane go see him and tell him that we have all been good!

Since it was so nice out, after the egg hunt was done we decided to stay and play at the field. The playground was way to busy so we just took a walk and played in the big soccer/t-ball fields.

Kylie was taking a little 'break' and sitting on the bleachers.

Here's Shane..he really likes to hold hands and stand up!

Aiden was LOVING running all around!


Can you believe our baby is already 5 months old? Yup! He turned 5 months on the 7th...he is getting so big, and starting to do lots of new things.

So far Shane can roll over both ways, he knows how to sit all by himself, he's loves to babble and can now say "HI" and we swear the other day he said both "momma and Dada". HE can also stand up when he is holding on to something. He isn't pulling himself up to stand yet, but if Mommy stands him up next to the coffee table or couch he will hold on and stand all by himself. Here are some pictures of him doing that!!!

Do you like his shade? Those are mine. I thought they would look cool on him. Especially in his redsox outfit!!!!

Every good "Boston Boy" knows that Red Sox rule and Yankee's drool!!!!!!!!

Anyway, Shane is such a sweet and happy baby. He is full of smiles and makes us all so happy. Oh yeah, did I mention that he now sleep in his crib too? No more baby bed for him!!!!!
It was so nice and sunny out here on Wednesday (the 7th) it was 89 degrees and sunny so we took full advantage of it and spent the entire day outside. We helped Daddy wash his car....if that's what you want to call it "HELP"

I 'may' have gotten a little carried away with the hose and gotten a little wet.......

Aiden thought it was much more fun to SPLASH in the puddles then to help wash the car

and Shane did his usual supervising.

After a little bit Kylie got a little side tracked too and decided to have a "Fashion shoot" with Mommy. She's such a DIVA.
Once we were done "Helping" Daddy wash the car we played with the hose a we are semi wet! But hey we had lots of fun!

Aiden was trying to take Shane for a walk....that boy is trouble!

While we were finishing up with Daddy, Mommy was inside busy doing something....little did we know that she was setting up a PICNIC lunch. Now we frequently eat lunch on our deck on our little picnic table, but this was a special treat..she brought down a sheet and we ALL ate lunch on the front yard.

Even Shane got to have lunch outside with us. Then he fell asleep in his carseat..isn't he a cutie!!!!

Here is Kylie and I being "Twins" now I know we aren't actual twins although Mommy calls us Irish twins. But people ask us all the time if we are twins and once in a while we like to dress alike and pretend that we are!!!!!

After our picnic Aiden decided that it was time to play golf...he is really good at it and LOVES to he is practicing. Look out Tiger her comes Aiden!

Shhh, be very quiet he's concentrating!

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