Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ice Cream Cones and Belly shots!

Daddy, being as awesome as he is decided that he would give us all a very special treat right as he was walking out the door. Chocolate Icecream in cones. Isn't he the best!!! Luckily for Mommy it was very nice out so she could just stick us out onto the deck. It kept the messy sticky icecream off her clean kitchen floor and counters. Mommy also said that god was very smart to make kids so washable! I don't know what she is getting at with that remark, we didn't get to sticky and messy did we? We'll let you be the judge of that!

Kylie feels the need to get every last drop of icecream she can get out of the bottom of the cone! This pic of Aiden may say to some "I don't know about this icecream stuff" but if you really know you, you'll know it's more saying "Mom, get that thing out of my face, you know I'm to serious to smile"
Collin is such a goof ball that I can't seem to get a pic of him with out that silly smile and crazy head tilt. He's his fathers' child I'll tell you. Those two are like peas in a pod!

I thought I would share a 'belly shot' of myself since I've been telling everyone how big I am already! I mean, I'm HUGE! So here is a shot of me from today. 17 weeks pregnant! I swear I get bigger earlier each time. Hard to believe that to date, I have gained NO weight, infact have lost like 5lbs. Anyway, all is going well so far. I feel great and am enjoying this pregnancy. We go back to the Dr's for a regular OB apt on June 2nd! We'll schedule another u/s then to check the babies anatomy, such as heart, brain, and spine development. Our last U/S was strickly to check that there was a hearbeat, and nothing else. We'll also get another peek and make sure it's still a boy!

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  1. Love it Kerri. I love how you take everyday occurances and turn them into special times w/ the kids. You are awesome and look great!!!