Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A tiny scare, and a early Mother's Day gift.

Yesterday was my monthly OB Dr's apt with Dr. Dombek. Whom is our family doctor as well. My apt was at 11:15 and they were running a tiny bit behind and called me and the entire Woodruff crew in at 11:30. Did all the routine things with the nurse. Got on the scale and had lost another half pound...Now if you don't know origionally I had gained three pounds, four weeks later had lost 4, so now I am a pound and a half down from my pre-pregnancy weight. If only I could loose weight without trying none preggo! Anyway, Dr. Dombek came in and said hi to all of us and asked the kids if they were ready to hear their baby brother or sister. Of corse Collin and Kylie were all excited. Got out the doppler and fished around..nothing. added more gel, fished around some more, still nothing. re-assured me not to worry, he'll find it. Well 20 minuets from starting still couldn't find it. Well now I am starting to panick. So he says that he belives everything is fine, but wants me to go in for a Ultra Sound stat, to confirm the babies heart beat. So we go to the front desk and Matt brings the kids into the waiting room. Bobbie the receptionest calls the hospital and they say "Can she drink 32 oz by 1..LOL it's now 12:25. So I say sure.. call my parents who just both happen to be home and they say bring the kids over. Drop them off stop at the store to get a drink and start chugging. 32 oz in 20 minuets is not an easy feat! Get to the hospital and they take me right away to register. Send me down to the waiting room where you usally wait and wait. Well I swear the secound I sat, the door opend and they called my name. The tech was awesome and very calming from the get go, as I'm sure she could see the panick on our faces. Got me situated and got the machine going. The secound she put the scanner down there it was that amazing heart beat! At 165 beats per minuet. My eyes welled with tears. Now that is all she HAD to do..but she was a gem and said do you guys want to get a little better aquainted, and she scanned around and let us see the arms, legs, face, belly. The baby was moving like a mad man wich is probably why the dr couldn't get the little bugger on the doppler, then as she was panning around I though I saw between the legs, and asked "could we get a little peek between the legs " expecting her to say it's to early to determin sex (as they usually won't tell you till 18-20 weeks) she laughed and said you saw it too huh! Sure enough the secound I said that the ankles that were crossed came undone and the baby went spread eagle. Matt and I laughed and said "It's a BOY" The tech confirmed that yes it was a boy..or atleast a 90% chance it is. She gave me a ton of pics, including the 'boy'shot...and smiled and said she would see us in 5 weeks or so.

profile of baby..head, stomach, legs up in air

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