Tuesday, May 5, 2009

90 Degrees in April, and Aiden's first haircut

The Woodruff kids took full advantage of that unseasonably hot day in April. We dug out the kiddie pool from the garage, and let the kids splash around while

Matt and I enjoyed soaking in the rays and cooling off ourselves by

allowing the kids to splash water on our legs, and sitting with our feet in the pool. Needless to say the kids had a ball splashing about, and practicing their swimming. Aiden was a little unsure at first, but that's only because the water was cold. Once he got use to it he was splashing around and sticking his entire head under the water like his big brother and sister. As you can see from the pics we

brought out cups and bath toys for the kids to use. They also got to enjoy some freeze pops. Truth be told mommy and daddy enjoyed one (or two) themselves. After we were all cooled off we got dried off and changed, and since Mommy was craving breadstick and soup. Ok I know soup is weird to crave when it's 90, but hey what can I say. Anyway! We loaded up the van and headed out to Olive Garden for a nice early dinner. All of the kids were on their best behaviors, and the waitress was fantastic by keeping the bread sticks coming. This kept the kids, and Mommy happy! Our dinners were all very yummy, and after we were done, we headed to the mall. After several weeks of debate, Daddy finally gave in and agreed that YES Aiden needs a hair cut. So we went to Master Cuts and had it done. Other than wanting to push the hair dressers hands away at the start..but only because it tickled, Aiden did great. The hair dresser gave Aiden a toy to hold onto and that kept his hands busy. We also discovered we could see ourselves in the mirror, so it was fun to smile and say hi to the cute baby in the mirror! I have to admit that even though I was the one that was pro haircut the whole time, I felt a litle sad after all was said and done. Aiden looked like a big boy, and not very babish. But that's what hair cuts do to little boys!

Aiden before his haircut. What do you think does he need one?

What do you think of my hair cut? Cute or what?

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