Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Day out for Mommy and Daddy! Sat May 23rd

Well after 2 years, Matt and I finally got a day out! And Boy did we need it! We took the T in to boston, and gave Matt and Beth a call to let them know we had arrived at Alewife Matt and I on the T

Matt and Beth at Fanniel Hall!

We met up with them at down town crossing, and just walked around. Matt (McNally) sent us on a wild goose chase for some burritos. Only to find the resteraunt was closed, and ended up back at Fanniel Hall. We got our food, and found a nice place to sit outside were we sat, ate, talked and people watched! From there we walked to the North End and went to Mike's Pastery. The line was out the door, but Matt and Beth assured us it was worth the wait and that the line moves fast! They were right on both accounts. I was still stuffed from lunch, but decided that the Chocolate covered strawberries looked way to good to pass up! Matt got a eclair which had to have weighed 2lbs. McNally got a very yummy looking piece of chesse cake, and Beth chose a cannoli. Again we found a nice little

Outside of Mike's Pastery My choco covered Strawberry

park to sit in and ate our treats, and just laughed and chatted some more. From there it was on to The Boston Common and Boston Gardens. I really wanted to see the Make way for Duckling Statues..But Matt and Beth had no idea what I was talking about. Oh well! Oh for later reference they are at the corner of Beacon and Charles. Anyway, we took a nice walk throught he Common and the Gardens which was GORGEOUS. Beth showed us were she worked then we walked Newberry street. For those that are from out of state, or just don't know. It's a very ritzy, shopping district. With great resteraunts and stores that I'm pretty sure can't even afford to window shop in. But it was great looking around. Then it was to the T and off to the RedSox game! We were sad to have to leave Matt and Beth..but had a great time and appreciated them showing us around! We got to the stadium area, and OMG was it crazy! Yawkey way was moving at a slow crawl. But we made our way through the crowds and into our seats. We had great seats, minus the pole in our way. Although I think I lucked out as I could see the whole field. The pole only obstructed a small portion between home and first!

the view from my seat

We had a great time! Beckett was pitching..and we were we ahead for just about the whole game. Althought the bats weren't very hot that night. I did all the typical Sox fan stuff, ate a fenway frank..aka the 5 dollar hotdog, participated in the 7 inning stretch, and sang "sweet Caroline" at the top of my lungs!

Big Papi, and JD Drew at Bat

Josh Becket pitching

Although I think that my favorite part of the game came when at the top of the 9th Jonathan Papelbon took the mound! The crowd went wild and they played the drop kick Murphy song that he danced to during the world series! Again we sang at the top of our lungs and laughed and has smiles ear to ear! Unfortunatly the first batter got on base, but then Pap started throwing some heat and struck the next to batters out looking. Then he threw some serious heat and the hitter got a piece of it and hit the wall. The play went under review because it hung on the wall for a sec before bouncing back into play..they called it a homerun. So that put the Mets ahead..and we didn't do anything with in the 9th. Oh well. Still a GREAT time!

Matt and I at the game!

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