Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A fun Playdate!

We were invited to one of Mommy's oldest friends Missy "Prince" Bakers' house for a play date! She had 2 kids...Riley who is almost 3, and Spencer who is just about 15 months old. Kylie was THRILLED to go and play with a little girl her age, and we were all excited about getting out and making new friends. The Mommy's were pretty boring and sat and drank coffee and talked. All though Mommy said she had a great time, I think we had ALL the FUN! The girls had fun playing with hopscotch pieces, and dancing..while the boys enjoyed playing with waffle blocks. We all thought their play room so super cool! Riley and Spencer were so nice to us, and shared their toys so nicely! Aiden and Spencer were so cute together. They kept staring at each other as if to say "Wow, he's my size! Cool"

Riley and Spencer's Mommy was super nice to us and even gave us a snack while we were there. The big kids had some yummy grapes, goldfish, and pretzel sticks! Mommy said since we all got along so good, and since we were on our best behavior that we would definatly do this again. Infact Mommy said we are gonna have them over to our house next week. We can hardly wait. I hope that we remember to share as nice as they shared their toys!

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