Sunday, June 7, 2009

Davis Farmland and Our new "Playground"

For Christmas, Nana and Papa gave us (Collin and Kylie, a season pass to Davis' Farmland in Sterling MA. So after lunch on Sunday since it was so nice out and Daddy was off four-wheeling Mommy decided that she would take us. It was our first trip there and none us knew what to expect. It's basically a great big petting zoo, with a few extra's like a play ground area and a water park. Mommy didn't know that was open yet or she would have brought our suits. Oh well, next time. Anyway, we bought a feed cup for us to share, and Kylie also got to do a pony ride. Collin didn't want to do it or we would have gotten a ride too! Although the boys did enjoy it, Kylie definatly had the best time. She LOVED feeding the animals, and the highlight definatly was the ponyride! Collin was happy just looking at the animals but didn't want to pet them. Aiden tried feeding them a few times, but kept forgetting to keep his hand open so the animals could actually get the food! Mommy says we'll go again real soon and do the water park as well, when Daddy can come with us. We can't wait. Especially Kylie

We also got a new swing set this weekend. Well it's new to us. A family in town was nice enough to give us their's since the kids in the family are teenagers now and no longer use it. Uncle Rick came over on friday with his truck and trailer and he and Daddy went and picked it up for us. We could hardly wait to get to play on it. Daddy pressure washed it off and by the time it had dried, it started to rain so we never got the chance to play on is Friday. Saturday we were gone all day. But Sunday we had a ball on it!

We LOVE our new "Playground" Set!

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