Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dress Up and Ultrasounds!


As you can see, the kids have been having a ball playing dress up! Collin Loves Pretending to be either a Knight or as you can see in the Pic a Pirate! Kylie of corse LOVES dressing up as the princess that we all know she is...or thinks she is! Latley it's been Cinderella. Or Cinderbella as the kids call her. LOL!

Also this week, to be exact today ( Wed june 10th) I went for my 20 week Ultra Sound. I always LOVE these. You'd think that seeing this is my 4th baby that it would be old hat, but it never gets old seeing the baby move around . The Ultra sound confirmed that yes it is another BOY! Which I am thrilled about, although do admit I feel a little bad for Kylie being stuck with all those boys. Anyway, now that it is confirmed it's a boy we just have to buckle down on a name. We had thought his name was gonna be Gabe as most of you know, but Matt changed his mind the other day. So we are back to searching. We have a couple contenders picked out, but I think that this time we've decided to keep them to ourselves till he is born. We'll see how that goes. Seeing someone in the family tends to be a big mouth. Who am I trying to fool you all know it's me! LOL! Anyway we think we might keep the name a secret till his born but we'll see how that goes.

A profile shot (head to the right, and Belly. arms resting on chest)

Here's Looking at you Kid! (head to the right, face looking at you)

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