Friday, June 26, 2009

Picnic and a swim

So today after what seems like WEEKS of rain and cool weather the sun FINALLY came out. So when Daddy got up, Mommy said that we were gonna do something special and should get our suits on. Hmm, I wonder what it could be. Mommy buzzed around the house to get things together since this was a last minuet thing. While Daddy loaded us in the car. Us big kids were sure we were going to Virgina Beach and thought it was gonna be a long drive. Little did we know our long drive turned into a two minuet drive. Mommy says it was 2tenths of a mile what ever that means. We ended up at Comet Pond! We were all so excited. Even Aiden although he didn't know what to expect. We unloaded and found a picinic table to put our stuff on including our picinic lunch. Then the boys dug in the sand for a few minuets. Kylie on the other hand made a B-line for the water. She loves to swim!

Uh-oh Daddy got me, guess I shouldn't have thrown water at him!

Kylie practicing swimming

Oh I like splashing!
Uh-oh I got sand on my hand!

Look out Momma, I'm gonna splash YOU!

Kylie is like a little Fish She loves to swim!

After a few minuets the boys decided that Kylie looked like she was having way to much fun for us to miss out on swimming so we made our way in. Although we were a little nervous about it. Collin is always nervous with swimming, but once he was in he found his BRAVERY and LOVED it. Aiden liked it too, but didn't understand who made the tub so cold, and why he was still dressed. Silly baby! We all ended up having a good time and enjoyed swimming. Although Kylie definatly liked it the most. She's the better swimmer, but don't tell her the boys said that!

After we swam and splashed around in the water for an hour or so we headed up to the table to enjoy a picinic lunch that mommy had packed. Mommy said it was nothing special, just sandwiches, chips and a drink since this wasn't a planned thing. But we thought it tasted Awesome. We gobbled our food right up. Daddy said that swimming must have made us hungry because he's never seen us eat so fast! Come on Aiden, lets go have our picinic!

Me and My gorgeous baby girl!

Then Men in my life!

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