Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Medals and Trick or Treat

Hi everyone, so we had a pretty big weekend this past weekend. For starters Saturday was Kylie and I's LAST soccer game. It was super cold there, here is a cute picture of Shane all bundled up with his hat....Here we are saying "GOOD GAME" for the last time...
Then it was Medal time! Here is Kylie getting her medal from Coach Carrie

Then it was my turn!

Kylie was so excited to show her medal off

So was I!!!!!

Here we are posing together with our medals Sunday as you all know was Halloween and we got to go trick or treating! We were so excited about it! Kylie got to dress up as Belle, the princess from Beauty and the Beast!
Aiden was a fireman "Fireman Troy" to be specific. Those of you who don't know Fireman Troy is a fireman here in town and Aiden thinks he's the coolest. Aiden wants to be a real fireman someday!
I'm gonna let you all in on a secret, I was a I know Ninjas don't usually give up their real identity, but I figure my secret is safe with you!

And Shane, well he was the cutest little Lion you ever did see. He didn't really know what to expect seeing it was his first Halloween, but he did really well. He liked his costume, and had fun trick or treating for the most part!

Here we all are together! I think we all looked pretty good, what do you think?

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