Monday, November 8, 2010


Shane and ME!!!! So for those of you that don't know, Shane and I just celebrated our Birthday's. Shane turned 1 on November 7th and My REAL Birthday is tomorrow (Nov 9) and I'm turning 6. Since our birthdays are just two days apart Mommy decided that she was gonna do like she does with Kylie and Aidne and have a joint party. So Saturday (11/6) was our Big Party. Mommy had the house decorated nice and even painted into the windows for us...

Since it was a joint Party there were also TWO themes. Mine was Batman because that is what I asked for, and Shane's was Elmo since Shane Loves Elmo. Mommy created games to play...this was for Pin the mask on Batman ( I'll tell you more about that later)
and got a Pinata for the party too. I have to admit that I was a tad upset at first that it was ELMO, but Mommy said She couldn't find a Batman one and that it's Shane's Party too. Plus lets face it an Elmo Pinata is better than NO Pinata right?

Along with my cousin's and our family friends Mommy also let me invite 3 friends from school. Wyatt, James and Nick. Once everyone had arrived Mommy got things started by letting us decorate our own goodie bags. She got lots of stickers and crayons, and we got to do our brown bags anyway we are some pics of us decorating.

Here is Hannah (Nick's sister), James, and Kaydence (who is looking away) busy decorating.

Carolanne and Aiden were hard at work.

So was Kylie and Skyler.

(L-R) Nick, Logan (Wyatt's brother), and Wyatt seemed to be enjoying making their bags.

After we were done decorating it was time for Pin the mask on Batman. We got blindfolded and had at it! I 'may' have peeked a tad....

Wyatt got his pretty dead on.

and Ke-ke did good too!~

Riley was a 'tad' off, but did a great job!

James got VERY close!

Skyler had a nice go at it.
and so did KaydenceI think Nick and James put theirs in the same place. and Carolanne was close to their's too!Aiden would have been dead on if it was pin the belt on Batman, but hey he did great!Here's what it looked like AFTER we all had a turn
Papa and Uncle Justin watched on,

And the other b-day boy Shane hung out with Tony!
Next Mommy got Shane all settled into his highchair

and then it was CAKE TIME!!!! Since it was Shane's first B-day he went first.

Mommy said to tell you that she was about to pass out as she was making Shane's cake (she forgot to eat and was VERY tired), so it's NOT her best work.

Shane really got a kick out of his cake and everyone singing to him

Next it was MY turn. I think Mommy did such a cool job on my cake!

Look at me blowing out 6 candles!!!!

Mmmm, let's eat CAKE and Icecream!

Since Shane had NEVER had cake before at first he wasn't sure what to do with it!

He picked it up and was thinking "are you sure about this"

Then took a bit. MMMMMM Yup he LOVED it!

I wonder who is giving Shane some Ice Cream!

Oh it was Nana! That was SO nice of her! Shane sure appreciated it!

Next it was PRESENT time. We decided since there were SO many kids we would only open My presents at the time..Shane didn't seem to care anyway

Once the presents were done it was on to PINATA! We ALL took turns pulling a string!

Mommy helped Spencer Reach
Once all the Pinata fun was done Mommy took a picture of me with my buddies. (l-r) Nick, James, Wyatt, and ME!!!

That was it for the party fun, so Mommy said I could take my Bakugans that I got for my B-day and we could ALL go play in my room...we had SOOOO much fun!

Once all my friends had gone home and it was all quiet again, Mommy broke out Shane's presents. Aiden who had been DYING to open a present helped him out a bit!

Well everyone, that's it from us. I am off to play with some of my new birthday toys!

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