Monday, November 15, 2010

Guess what I can do......

Hi everyone! It's me Shane. Now that I am 1 I thought it might be a good time for me to write all about the things I can do. First though I should tell you that I went to the Dr's the other day. Mommy said it was only because I was 1 and the Dr needed to see how big I was growing. Well of course I am big, have you seen me? At the Dr's they said I weighed in at 24lbs and am 30 inches tall which puts me in the 82% for weight and the 80% for height! Dr. Dombek was so impressed with how big and strong I was. While we were there Mommy told him all of the neat things I could do. Like ALL the words I have, and I have a lot (around 20 or so). I can even put together 2 words. Like "Hi Dada", "what's this?", and "all done". This REALLY impressed the Dr and he told Mommy that I am developmentally more 20 months old. I'm not sure what that means but Mommy said it means I am super smart! Anyway, those are all the things we couldn't show through pictures! Here is what else I can do!!!!

I can drink from a sippy cup.... and feed myself with a fork or spoon
I'm learning how to brush my teeth....and I can stack blocks 3-4 high! Then knock them down! That's my favorite part!I can color a masterpiece using crayonsand can stand big and tall!I can also climb the stairs! But I'm not suppose to, so lets keep this picture between you and me OK!
and...I CAN WALK!!!!!!!!!!

I can walk even better now than in this video...I was a little distracted by my big kids running about, but this at least gives you an example of how I do it.
What do you think, are you impressed!?! Anyway, that's basically all my tricks.

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