Wednesday, September 1, 2010

School Days and Patriots and Aiden's hair cut!

Hi everyone, Sorry it's been so long since our last update. Time seems to be slipping away from us pretty fast. We've been very busy just soaking up our last few days of summer, and getting ready to settle into the fall...and anyone who knows us knows what Fall means in the Woodruff house. Football!!!!! To be even more exact PATRIOTS!!!!!!!! No member of the house is to young to participate in the football excitment. Here is Shane showing off his Pats Pride and homage to the great #12 Tom Brady!!!

I love this picture of my baby brother! He looks so cute with his 4 teeth, just smiling and standing like a big boy! Which reminds me, Shane is now crawling EVERY WHERE! and Pulling up on EVERYTHING! He is such a happy good baby. I love him so much! I promise to make mommy take some more pics and videos of Shane and his new tricks for you all to see!Here is Kylie and I in our patriots Shirts just relaxing and playing some games. Oh and don't mind that thing on my head, I have part of my batman costume on. It was to hot for the rest of the costume.Aiden has a patriots shirt he is wearing it. Check out that mop of hair on his head! That was before he got his hair cut!Here Aiden is after getting his hair cut. Not a great picture, he wasn't in the mood. I will have Mommy take a better picture later!
So the Patriots aren't the only exciting thing happening in the Woodruff house, guess what else is going on, to me inparticular?!?! Give up? I STARTED KINDERGARTEN! I absolutly LOVE it! My teachers name is Mrs. Castriotta and she is SO NICE! Here are some pics Mommy took of me on my first day!

Here I am all ready to leave! Mommy said we "HAD" to get a pic by the door cause Memere always took a picture of her and Auntie Rose at the door on their first days! What ever, I just wanted to leave!

Here we go, out the door and ready to leave!

I live close enough to school that I get to walk to school!

I was so excited to get there that I RAN most of the way!

Here I am infront of my class room about to go in!!!

I found my cubby NO PROBLEM! Here I am hanging up my back pack and ready to start the day!!!
While I was at school Mommy and the kids carried on with their day as usual, Although while I was gone Shane learned how to drink out of a juice box! Mommy said he was so excited because it had ELMO on it, and as you learned in our last update, Shane LOVES elmo!When School got out we went right home and had an early dinner because not only was tuesday (8/31) my first day of school, but it was ALSO Kylie and I's first soccer practice. Kylie wants me to mention that she got PINK soccer socks. Oh and how she still won't wear shorts.....Any way here we are warming up with Coach Carrie (She was my soccer coach last year too). ALthough it didn't take much seeing it was already 97 degree's out. Oh and a little side note, I found a pic of Aiden and his new hair cut! I think it looks good, but mommy says she misses his curls!

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