Thursday, July 15, 2010

Elmo and a fun mess

Hi everyone, today was a day for fun mess, well for Shane anyway. Today Mommy broke out some paints. Here is Kylie deep in concentration. She wants me to say don't mind her bangs, She' growing them out and the fell out of the head band. I chose green...incase you don't know already it's my favorite!
Aiden settled for blue since we were out of Orange...that's his favorite!

Even Shane got to try finger painting for the first time! He seemed to like it!

Then again, Maybe NOT!

Don't ask how, but Aiden some how got a dot of black on his nose. No one was even using black..hmmmmm

After we painted and cleaned up mommy made dinner. Anyone care to guess what we had?
Oh and I TRIED to give Shane a bite of my ice pop. But he stole it right from my hand. That's ok, Mommy ended up getting me a new one.

So I am sure you are wondering were "Elmo" comes in to all this, well yesterday Mommy found Elmo in grouch land. She was telling me how it was my favorite when I was a baby and if I was grouchy she would put it on for me and I would calm down...I guess we use to watch it ALOT when I would get ear infections it was the only thing that made me happy. Anyway, we decided to put it on for old time sakes, and Shane....well see for yourself.

He LOVES Elmo. Don't mind him getting frustrated half way through, It was nap time and he gets frustrated some times now that he can pull up. He's not always sure how to get back down. LOL

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