Sunday, July 11, 2010

family vacation

Hi everyone some of you might have heard that we were on vacation this past week. That meant an entire 9 days with Daddy home. It was awesome. The first thing we did was on the 4th of July we went to Fitchburg for the parade

While we were there Daddy let us ALL pick a toy from the vendor.

Kylie chose a Dora ballon, and Aiden and I chose Swords although we forgot to take a picture of us with them.

Here we all are watching the parade!
Shane thought waving the flag around was so much fun..

Aiden LOVED watching ALL the fire trucks!
After the parade we went home for a BBQ with Uncle Matt and Auntie Beth. Of corse Mommy's battery for her camera had died so we got no pics. Monday and Tuesday we just hung out at the lake, and Wed. we all got up first thing in the morning loaded up and left for MAINE!!!!!! It was so AWESOME...we spent the entire day on Ogunquit beach, and spent the night in Kittery. Here are som pics of the beach.

Mommy and Daddy were sure to bring lots of food and drinks.
Mmmm Cherries!

Aiden dug himself a big hole and sat in it. He's so silly
Off to swim!
I found seaweed!

There's Mommy and Kylie swiming in the ocean!

Here are some video

On our way home from Maine Kylie had been telling us all about a place called yummies and saying how we had to go...Man am I glad she did. It was the most hugest candy store ever. We all chose giant loli-pops. Here is Kylie with her's It was so big it was bigger than Aiden's head. Where's Aiden?
Oh there he is! So, I was a little annoyed I thought it would be a good idea to do Loli-pop cheers. Guess what NOT a good idea, mine cracked and broke.
While we enjoyed our Loli-pops Shane drove the cars.

Then we went and practiced soccer since Kylie and I are gonna be playing soon.

Then it was time for dinner. Guess what, we even gave Shane some big people food...he had chicken and spanish rice

Friday it was really hot again, so after we came home from doing groceries Daddy got out the hose and let us play around.

hahahaha I got Daddy GOOD!

We made a "Shower" for Shane.

After we got all dried off and had some dinner Daddy and Shane hung out in front of the fan

While we had Bannana split sundaes. YUMMY~

Saturday we went to a b-day party at Mulligans which is a mini golf place. It was for our friends Anthony and Izzy. You may remember that their daddy is Coach Tony our T-ball coach. Guess what, he had our trophy's!!! Here we are showing them off

Sunday was back to the lake and just relaxing. We sure did have a fun and busy week. I might as well enjoy the summer now cause i start school on August 31!

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  1. Looks like you all had a great vacation.
    Shane is getting soooo big.
    Enjoy the rest of the summer!